Saturday Results Show

Good morning!! We're having Halloween hangovers this morning. Well not from drinking, no. From candy, and not really me, but my two-year-old who's obsessed with his candy basket and trying to getcandygetcandygetcandygetcandy until we've distracted him with Fireman Sam, hid the candy, and instilled a "no candy before noon" rule, and only then, one piece and then not again until after dinner. My husband, though, is secretly wrapping up most of the candy including the leftovers from the trick-or-treaters, putting it in a bag and taking it to work so he can make all his co-workers fat instead of his wife.
Anyhoo, hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We did! The kids went trick-or-treating as a firefighter and a dalmatian.
The dalmatian, whose only 11 months, also had a candy bucket but just out of fairness and decoration, really, and he kept leaning over into the other one's bucket and stealing his candy which would ignite, so to speak, some grabbing and hitting.
Now, I thought he just wanted to play with the bucket (silly me!) so I emptied the little one's bucket which was Elmo and handed it back to him but NOOOOOOOOO! He wanted what was inside, just like the older one. How does a not-yet-one-year-old know these things!!

Anyway, fun was had by all in the end.

On to our grand total this week, which was:
25.3 POUNDS!!!

Great job this week!! I know it was a particularly hard one being a holiday week and all and candy all up in everyone's grill. So here's to a week of cleansing!
And get this -- there was a FOUR-way tie for Biggest Loser this week so give yourselves a big hand! (Or a big foam finger, anyway...)
Beckyjomama, Roxymommy, Clara, and Berry Patch, were responsible for almost half of this week's weightloss!!! How's that for some Saturday morning math!

And Berry Patch is having a particularly good week, wanna know why??? Because she's the winner of the blog redo sponsored by Summer at Designs by Summer! Congratulations!!! An e-mail is on its way!!!

Good luck next week as we enter the final stretch! Last few weeks! Time to motor!
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  1. congrats to berry patch. i went to bed last night/this morn @ 1 AM and remembered that i forgot to check in for fat ticker friday. doh! so i missed out on winning a cool prize lol anyways, i'm swelling i'm actually up 3 lbs. though during the week i was up 5! i admit to too much caffeine :(

  2. I am excited!!! PLUS, I realized that half way through (end of Sept.) I did the 3 day, had lost 5 but gained 5 that weekend. After I re-lost that 5 I reset my scale. So, I said I was up to a 5 pound loss this week, but I have actually lost 10 POUNDS as of this week!!!!

    So, I am one of the biggest losers AND and even bigger loser than I though in the longrun!!!


  3. Woo-Hoo! I'm so pysched! Very excited about my weight loss - I'm only a pound away from one of my mini-goals. Thanks for hosting this challenge, it's so helping! ;-) I can't wait to see what happens with my blog makeover. Awesome!

  4. Looks like a great Halloween but yes, we are hung over too:-(

  5. I can't remember if I posted my 1.5 pound loss. You can check for me, right?

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