Saturday Results Show

Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!!!

I'm gonna lead off with the best news ever,

A 26.1 POUND LOSS!!!

WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!! That puts us at 444.24 for a total loss as a group!

That's AMAZING!!! Let's list off things that are 444-450 pounds. When googled, I found the following:

-A Monster Halibut Caught off the coast of Norway
-The weight of fuel used by a six-seater aircraft
-35 shipments of berries
-A ginormous grizzly bear
-A Klamath Utility Boat
-A kids' moonbounce
-A Boss sport-duty SNOWPLOW
-10 of those huge, thick 45-pound weights

SEE WHAT I MEAN??? So let's not stop, let's keep going! Because the list of stuff that's 500 pounds is even bigger in every sense of the word!

I have to give "Mad props, yo!!" to everyone who's hitting those milestones and are getting those pretty 10 and 15 pound badges!! Like the following:

Rachelle, with 15!!!
BeckyJoMama with 15!!
Heather with 10!!
Jessi with 12!!
Michelle with 15!!
BerryPatch with 10!!

Am I missing someone from the "10 and over club"??? Please let me know! Toot your horn! This week's Biggest Loser is Dena from SunEGrl Loves to Shop with 7 pounds!!! Unbelievable!!

Everyone You all not only get pretty badges, but a giant puffy hand too.

So now comes this week's winner.

Michelle from The Journey to a New Weigh of Life!!

You get a lovely prizepack from StrollerFit! Congratulations!!!!

Great week everyone!!! Let's hang together through the holidays. Remember that Thanksgiving isn't just about the food, it's about family. It's about being thankful for everything we have in this world; the love, the friendship, the happiness and the unbreakable bonds that we share with those around us -- not to mention the basics, the air in our lungs and the roof over our heads. Have a great weekend!


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  1. I would love to grab one of the cool badges... except I am not quiet sure if I have lost 10-15 pounds on this journey so in all fairness I have not grabbed one!!! Congrats to all the LADIES!!!!


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