Fat Ticker Friday: the Holiday Carnage Version

Oh Happy Happy day. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!! I didn't weigh myself this week and I hope you don't mind. Feel free to let me know if you did and how you did this week!

It wasn't that I was terrible. I ate what I wanted but in limited portions. But I didn't exercise much this week. As much as I wanted to be done with Christmas shopping in November, turns out, I wasn't. I was still shopping on Christmas Eve. So exercising was put on hold. Tomorrow, however, I have a training 5k, called the "Madd Dash" and since my sister and brother-in-law are in town, my brother-in-law's gonna run it with us. Yay! So we'll make it a family affair. I love those.

I met with a trainer on Monday like I said I would and I was all excited about it. It could have gone one of two ways. He could help me tweak my workouts like I need, or, he could make it one big sales pitch.

Guess which one he did? Yep. Giant sales pitch. We worked out hard, but despite my pleas and my questions, he never once offered up what I needed to hear which was any kind of new plan. All he did was try to sell me on a plan that would offer me a person who would in the future put me on a whole new plan and that would have doubled my gym monthly membership and I just couldn't do it. So, I'll just try to fix it myself. Really all I want is a tweak to get through the final-10 that's hanging on tooth-and-nail.

I have a whole separate post and pictures of the Christmas Bake-off 2008 and it turned out to be SO MUCH FUN!!! As for the baking instead of presents thing, well, that didn't work out quite as we planned and I'll explain later, but the baking part was awesome! We may even keep some version of this for future Christmases. Merry Christmas everyone! Or "Merry Christie!" as we say around here!

ps. I'm still in my pajamas.
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  1. I'm with you Christie! I'm not approaching my scale this weekend. I was the opposite of you in behavior, tho. I ate way too much. Probably less than last year, but I was more uncomfortable this year. I guess losing weight this year has made a real change. I was able to keep up my training for my goal of 100 knee pushups by Feb 28. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope you New Year is even better!

  2. My post is up! I lost one pound!!!

  3. No scale, we're on the training, either. Back to it when we get home...

  4. I weighed myself & it weren't pretty. I was up about 1.5 pounds if I remember right but the horror of it all may have made me think it was less than it actually was. ;-) Seriously though - I've given myself permission to indulge at my whim until midnight Saturday. Then Sunday AM the "NEW ME" begins. Here's to 2009 & way less pounds on this body! ;-)


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