Fat Ticker Friday: The Holly Jolly Version

Update: I am up 1.8 pounds. Poop. Well, I ran two miles on the treadmill today and then did the rowing machine which kicked my a$$ by the way, my arms are still shaking. So I will still get in all my workouts, just on this side of the week rather than the earlier part. More in the comments.
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OK I'll weigh in at 8 a.m. and I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be about the maintenance again. I'm seeing a trainer on Monday to get things straight. I've been getting in my runs, all of them, but with my sister in town and Christmas shopping to do and doctor's appointments, yada yada yada, there's been very little else.

This week I'll have logged 11 miles running. Two three-mile runs and a five mile on the weekend. And I did some legs and arms on Monday because I forsaw the busy week coming. If I can add that spinning class I had every intention on trying this week, then I'll make it 5 days of working out and that will be successful! Four is great but 5 is better! (Six is best, but who's counting.)

How did you do this week?? How was your training? How are you feeling? Any bunions coming out? Any runner's highs? Any breakthroughs to report? Achievements? Downfalls? Let's hear it!
Happy Almost-Holidays!
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  1. I had a great week with working out. Did all my planned workouts and really pushed myself. I lost 5 lbs! I have to credit some of that to getting the flu yesterday, but I'll take some of the credit because I worked hard.

  2. Good morning! Life in general kept me from being faithful to my workouts. However, I did some deep cleaning around the house. It involved moving furniture. Does that count for something?
    The scale wasn't too terrible this morning. I'm down 1.1 lbs. Next week will be better. If anyone wants to email or blog me a friendly reminder to get my booty in gear next week, go for it!

  3. Down 1.5 but I gained back a lot from the last challenge...ugh

    I am in the looking to buy stage right now for a trainer for my bike so I can ride inside this winter. Once I get that I'll be all set up. Need to start moving more though!

  4. No change from last week on the weight. I got in 6 workouts (if you count both Friday mornings), but with our weather lately (cold and rainy) I only got in 2 runs. :-/ I'm a bit disappointed, because I'm not running as fast. On the bright side, 2 of the other workouts were on our new exercise bike! I like that its preprogrammed workouts simulate hills, because we're in a really flat area. My other two were DVD workouts...not terribly challenging, except from a coordination standpoint. Got in 2 strength workouts also, in conjunction with part of the 6.

    Next week? I probably won't be quite so ambitious, but back on track after we return from our Christmas weekend travels.

    Happy holidays, everyone!

  5. I'm down 1/2 of a pound this week. I did 5 days of 3.5 miles each. That was HUGE for me!! Hopefully that work will offset all of the goodies that will be coming in contact with me this next week!!!

  6. Yay everyone!! Everyone's a loser but me! Good for you! And Dana, 5 pounds! Girl, you rock!

  7. My workouts are right on track, but I've been in the snacks again. So I'm up a pound. There's also a possibility that I'm building a little muscle, too. This is such a great challenge!

  8. This week was ok i guess. only did 3 workouts, was hoping for 4, but didn't happen. I'm down 2.6 pounds though! So thats all that matters.

    My hope and goals for next week are 3 workouts and not to gain anything over the holidays! But to get in4 workouts and loose a pound would be awesome!!!

  9. I didn't lose any weight but I didn't gain either! I will take it considering I am retaining water at the moment. I was able to get in four workouts this week!!!


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