Fat Ticker Friday

Good morning! I'm the same. Right off the top, I'm the same. I've gotta get my butt moving and get a schedule working. Because as it is right now, the runs are longer, the workouts are a little different and I have to get it all situated because without building the time into our family weekly plan, I miss workouts, plain and simple.

I'm going through frustration with myself. As long as I have a knights-at-the-round-table discussion this weekend and bang out a schedule, I'll be good again starting on Monday. That's my plan. Also, I've been avoiding it like the plague, but I'm also going to see a trainer at my gym to tweak my workout and the only reason I don't like the trainer thing is because I don't like getting my fat pinched. I know it's necessary, but I don't gotta like it. I think though that they don't have the pinchers anymore, they have a thing you squeeze or something like that, so it may be less in-my-face than the pinching.

How are you doing this week?

Do you have an event planned? What is it? What day? Remember, if you can't find an event, or if it's later than March, that's ok! Rule #1: there are no rules! But when we get into the thick of it with the training, we're all in this together no matter what we're training for!
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  1. I have no change this week either. Thanks for organizing another challenge!!! My date is March goal is to be consistently walking 5 miles a day a minimum of 4 days per week.

  2. Couple of things frist. I started a new blog for weightloss purpose only and its private so if you want to see it you'll need to email me first at and I'll send you the invite. Its more personal journy and I have a ton of DH family who read the family blog and like to critize me and now they can't see it. HAHA to them! But I would love to share it with you all!! So come on over!

    Next I'm choosing the couch to 5K program, because I live in the middle of nowhere! And there are no rules this time around. My other goal is to be able to 3 miles a day by March 1st. Well that and loose some more weight, but thats a minor thing. LOL!!

  3. OOPS forgot I'm up .8 this week.

  4. My scale is on the moving van, and that's probably good - being on the road and in an empty apartment is not diet friendly (sure, it can be, but in our case, it wasn't/isn't). Once the furniture, cookware and scale arrive next week, I'm cooking healthy again for me and for my man. I don't know that this counts as a goal since it's not really mine, but I want to cook well enough that his health improves. That's as specific as I can be, but it is a goal, just of a funky kind of kind. Meanwhile, I'm walking all over the Walmarts I've missed having and might hit the mall, too. :)

    Even if I don't always fully participate, I love it that you do these things. Very cool.

  5. I love the idea of parallel goals. I'm in on this one and I'm going to really push myself and do a local 5k on March 28. I can't sign up till January but I will sign up and pay in January. And I haven't run in YEARS so I'll be doing the couch to 5k program. I'm nervous but think this is a great way to push myself. I didn't weigh in today but will start next week. Thanks for sponsoring this challenge. I think it's a great idea.

  6. Down 2 pounds since last Friday.

    I found my race and will sign up today: it's the President's Day 5k on Monday, February 16. I like that it's on a three day weekend and is closet to home than all the San Francisco events. (And it's part of my bigger goal for 2009: one race per quarter.)

  7. OK, I'm starting over again. With recent flares of my RA I completely failed the Hot for the Holidays challenge. I am now at the heaviest that I have ever been my entire life, including 9 months pregnant with another person inside of me. Therefore, I am jumping back on track. I have decided to train for the Kaiser San Francisco 5K Fun Run on February 1 (I will walk.) I'm not sure I'll participate in it but I will start the training schedule for it. My bigger goal is to do the 5K of the San Francisco Arthritis Walk on May 30, I have started our team and want to raise funds for the Arthritis Foundation. This year I didn't do too well with the walk and my goal is that next year I will be able to do the 5K.

  8. Count me in! My goal is to do 100 knee push ups by Feb 28, 09. I'm following the program at Today I completed Week 1 Day 2.

    My weight is up 1 pound this week.

  9. I'm down 1.4 this week.

    I'm committing to flyball practise every week, 4 long dog walks every week, and starting the couch to 5k training next week. Weather permitting! I don't do ice :) If the weather is bad I'll do a dvd indoors.

  10. And the meniscus in my right knee is torn. And it was confirmed by my doctor. I am so bummed. I have come so far since having the baby. And to tear something in my knee while playing with him just sucks... I wasn't even working out when it happen. The doc said no running but I could still get on the elliptical if I can tolerate it and I have so far. So, the elliptical will be my plan of attack as to keep of the pounds!!! I'm still thinking of a quest for greatness plan.. could it be to be able to stay on the elliptical for an hour??? UM, still thinking!!!

  11. Okay, I'm a little slow this week (It's Sat. night). I only squeezed in one workout, but according to my trusty change. I'm going to extend my goal date some. My brother is getting married in June and I'm in the wedding. So help me, I will look good in that halter dress! The color is perfect, so the rest is up to me. Good by flabby arms. No one likes to wave good-bye twice! Tone up tummy. Baby is offcially six months old today. Time to step up my game. Now that I've officially picked myself apart, have a great week everyone! I will start fresh on Monday.


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