Motivation Monday and Santa Sighting

Good morning!

Have you read yet about this?

If you haven't, go ahead. I'll hang out here. It's kind of a long post. Sorry about that. Apparently it's a little something that I seem to feel pretty strongly about and I do hope that you'll give it a try.

If you have read it, then hi! And welcome to the World of Parallel Goals. I am your hostess, Parallel Goal Girl. I like to pretend that I'm training for some athletic event while really trying to lose weight. And then I participate in the event and what do you know, I end up losing weight too kind of by accident! You should try it with me!

So here we go again...Fridays we'll weigh in, like usual. But this Friday when you comment, let us know what your event will be and what date so you can be added to the big calendar on the sidebar right there. I'm working on a Google Groups page for us so that we can keep in touch throughout the training. Whatever fitness level you are, I know you can do this. Seriously. Stop the cycle! Go read the rules and play!!! Use the momentum you've built up these last few weeks!

Here's something random. I realize that spotting Santa in December is not unusual. However, yesterday I spotted Santa Claus but he was alone and he was walking along the side of the road and it was along a kind of long stretch of empty road with no sidewalk. Totally in the middle of nowhere, really. It's in between main roads, in between communities, in between shopping plazas, really there is nothing around there where he was walking. It was random and I felt kind of bad for Santa for being in this apparent "fix". Also he had a teeny tiny Christmas tree in his hand.

I have a million questions that I wish I could go back and ask him. And I wish I had my camera with me. Not like I would have pulled over and taken a picture of a random Santa walking along the road. Or would I have? It was an odd picture. Would he wonder why I was taking his picture instead of just giving him a ride? I wonder if the reindeer ditched him. Why was he walking in the middle of nowhere? Who was the tree for? Where was his sleigh? Did the tree fall out of his sleigh and he just walked back to get it? Why was he alone? How come no one was stopping to give Santa a ride? Where was he going, anyway? If he wasn't Santa, then why was he dressed up as Santa? Did he ever make it to his little event? Was he all stinky and sweaty when he got there? Why didn't Santa have a cell phone? And furthermore, does Santa have a Christmas list of his own? Who gives Santa presents? Or is he the only one in the whole world who doesn't get presents? Isn't that the shaft?

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  1. Looking for an event? You might try In the "Find Things To Do" box in the upper right corner, fill in the dates, your location, the radius of how far you're willing to travel, type of activity, and choose "Event" for Type.

  2. K- i really want to do this next challange with you! but one little problem.....I live in the middle of nowhere! SERIOUSLY!! You can't even find us on the map and UPS questions me all the time about our address telling me its not valid. I did find a couple of things to enter but they are over 400 miles away!! So i was wondering if I could just do the couch to 5K and still do the challange with you all?
    Oh yeah i also started another blog to keep the whole weightloss seperate from the fam blog. however its private so if you want access email me aat i think thats all for now.
    ps. so happy to hear about the dress being to big. and i also found that my chest size is down from the HFH. DH isn't to happy though!!

  3. The only 2 runs I could find in my area are in January and May, costing $60 and $55 respectively. Not being a runner, I'm just not willing to pay that. There's definitely a shortage of runs in winter around here! Not surprising, I guess.

    The next flyball tournament I go to is in mid April, and I am highly motivated to get into better shape for that. The last tourney was in October, and it exhausted me and caused me a lot of pain. I'd like to improve my fitness so I can have a more enjoyable time in April!

    However, April is still far past the end of Feb/beginning of March. Maybe I could commit to Couch to 5k as a parallel to flyball fitness as a parallel to weight loss? Would that qualify for the challenge?

    Congrats on your dress NSV!


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