Motivation Monday: What we're doing

We've got some events and dates to look forward to!!!

Happy Monday everyone! These are some of the participants in the Quest for Greatness and these are the events and dates. And it's a pretty impressive list of goals, if I do say so myself:

-Proud Mommy's goal is to build up her walking to 5 miles at least 4 times a week by March 22. Holy cow! That's awesome!

-Sparks is doing the Couch to 5k to build up to a 3 mile run by March 1. Awesome!

-Dana's doing Couch to 5k too and running a 5k March 28th.

-Pubsgal is running the President's Day 5k on February 16th. Nice!

-Mrs. Bubba will be walking Kaiser San Francisco Fun Run February 1 with the larger goal of doing the San Francisco Arthritis walk on May 30.

-Clara's doing the 100 pushup challenge and will be doing 100 pushups on February 28th.

-Jessi at Table for 4 is training for a half-marathon and although she's not going to run the actual event anymore, she will still be training for it! That's dedication right there I tell ya.

Danielle's hit a rough patch, tearing that meniscus of hers, (I'm so sorry! I've had two surgeries for a torn meniscus, I feel your pain!) so she's in but she's in flux over her event but she's gonna figure something out I just know it!

Lisa-Anne over at the Berry Patch is training for a 50k bike ride called "Tour de Cure" on May 17th. This is her 6th year in a row but this year she's gonna be in awesome shape for it! Woohoo!

And finally, I, who am running the Gasparilla Half-Marathon March 1. I have paid for it. $50 bucks. That's a lot of money to just toss out the window these days, so you know I'll be running just for the point of it.

Great job everyone on the first week or so!!! For the record, after my little rant of how hard it is to maintain motivation, I was able to eek in all my runs last week for a total of 10 miles logged. I'm proud of myself just for the very fact that I was so unmotivated. This week it looks like this, but this time, I'm all over it:

Mon: strength (gym)
Tues: 3 mi
Weds: strength (gym)
Thurs: 3 mi
Fri: strength (gym)
Sat: off
Sun: 4 mi

Have I missed you?? Let me know and I'll add ya! How's your training going? What does your schedule look like this week? Keep swimming...


  1. Training run today was rained out, so I did a fitness DVD and my upper body and abdominal exercises. We're having rainy and cooler weather than usual, but I'm prepared for when it dries out: I bought some long underwear that wicks, for active use.

    It's *official*: I registered for my race on 2/16/09, and I also registered for a 5K on 5/30/09. My goal for 2009 is to run one race per quarter. My May race is the "See Jane Run Half Marathon and 5K," and I'll freely admit it: I did it for the slogan: "I run for chocolate and champagne."

  2. Sweet!! I love that slogan too, I'd totally do it for the slogan!! I love it!

    Today was a strength day so I did lower body and abs. Tomorrow, I'm gonna try, ahem, a spinning class! And I'm terrified. We shall see!

  3. damn woman, you are such the organized motivator.
    I wanted to swing by and tell you I think of you daily as I havent taken my bracelet off since I got it.
    today I needed it.


  4. Hey!!! Thanks for giving me your vote of confidence!!! I have tweeked my workout schedule just a bit. On Monday and Wednesday's I am going to do pilates for 50 minutes and on Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays I will get on the old elliptical!!!
    I am actually getting into this whole pilates thing and since I never did add the weights, hopefully this will be good!

  5. okay, so i have been avoiding you for a few days now because i couldn't decide that i really wanted to say outloud that i was going to do an event. well, i am officially registered for a 5k on Jan 3rd called "jiggle butt run". and i am planning to register for the cowtown marathon 10K on feb 28. whew...i said it. hummmmm....

  6. Count me in! My nearest special event is my brother's wedding in June. The dresses are cute and I want mine to stay that way once I put it on.


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