Something's Happening (New posts below)

UPDATE: problem fixed. This must be a series of tests on my ability to go without technology for any amount of time. I go through cold sweats and periods of extreme withdrawl! Obviously I have issues. Anyway, thanks Mister Linky for your quick response!

If you're logging onto my blog and not reading through a feed, Blenza (the site which provides my linkies every week for Fat Ticker Friday) is doing something funny to my blog. Some window keeps popping up and asking for a password. I apologize for any problems, how annoying this is! I can't see my blog!! Anyway, I hope to get it fixed soon. Sorry!

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  1. I noticed that this morning - had to reboot to get it to go off! So far so good but we'll see when I move on to another blog.

  2. Looks like it's fixed? No problems for me.


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