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One of the wonderful sponsors of our Hot for the Holidays challenge is StrollerFit and if you have some mommy areas you want to target, this program is your answer. Literally. I told you that I only contacted sponsors whose product or philosophy I believe in, and StrollerFit is right at the top of that list.

What is StrollerFit? The television station I used to work at did a story on StrollerFit once a couple years ago and I printed out the script and information to save it for when I had a baby one day. Yes, I thought it was so cool wayyyy before I had a baby. And once I had a baby, I did it myself.

And StrollerFit rocks! I took classes at two different locations. The leader of the groups are themselves mommies with babies, and she leads us all, mommies with babies in tow, through a combination of cardio and strength workouts that target muscles specific to mommies. You know that part of the belly that gets all flabby after the baby comes out and leaves you with that deflated tire look? They can fix that. It's like going to a body mechanic.

So what we would do is some jogging outside with our babies in the jogging strollers, stop and do some lifting with resistance bands, some step-ups, some pushups and tricep pushups, lunges, squats, and situps. You work at your own pace and if your baby needs tending to, you just stop and tend to baby, no worries at all. We even got our babies involved in the process by singing to them during the workouts and even holding them during certain exercises. The kids love it and it's also a great chance to meet mommies of babies the same age as yours. You're with a group of mommies who are motivated to be healthy and to be an example for their children! When my son sees me exercising, he loves to be a part of it! At the end of the workout, we'd all just sit under a tree and chitchat and some mommies would nurse and it was really the whole package, exercising, chatting and bonding with other moms in the same boat as you.

There are StrollerFit classes pretty much everywhere. You can click right here to see if there is one in your area, and they'll even let you try the first class for free! If there isn't a class in your area, they have a few great DVDs out on their site that you can try. Like the fitness program called "mommymuscle" designed by StrollerFit that combines cardio and strength training to specifically target the areas moms use most during and after pregnancy. Or the Restore the Core workout, which incorporates Pilates to get that core back into shape.

How stinkin' cute is that????!!
Like they say, it doesn't matter if your kid is 3 months old or 30 years old, it'll work for everyone. You can even do the exercises with the baby in the Bjorn!
After I got pregnant and had the baby, my body was literally unrecognizable. As in, things shifted and moved and landed in the most ungodly places, I have no idea what happened or how, but it was no longer about the weight I gained alone, it was about the shifting. (Curse you, shifting!!) The programs that StrollerFit follows know all about the shifting. It's not a generic workout. It's a workout for women. Not to mention, StrollerFit totally solves that babysitting problem, so really, you have no excuse not to workout if you have a class in your area or you have one of their DVDs. Win-win all around!
So even if you didn't win the prize, that's ok!!! Head on over to their website and read about what they're doing to changes mommybodies everywhere and how you can get in on some of this action too. Especially if you need to switch things up come the end of HFH!
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