Don't Laugh

Don't laugh but it's actually cold here!

I swear! And it's not the "Oh you're a Floridian kind of cold", it's the real kind! As in, it was 39 degrees when I took my son to school Wednesday and it never warmed up and on top of that it was windy!

I think I might know how my northerner bloggy friends feel now about working out in the winter. It's a darned bugger trying to get my runs in in this frigid cold. 5 miles in 30-ish degrees?

Please warm up. Please? I beg. So that I might shalt get my runs in without frostbite.

Ok I'll stop whining. I'll just google "running in winter" and get millions upon zillions of results showing people who just run in winter, the real winter not the Florida kind, minus the whining because it's something they do. I'm gonna go do that now.

Really. Ok, maybe I'll just whine a little more..

But mommmmmm, it's cold!
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  1. You're right - 39 is cold! I sympathize!

  2. Here that wouldn't be terribly cold, but it's not exactly a nice temp, either. For where you are, yep, brrrr!

  3. I will totally vouch for you! It was 25 yesterday morning, 22 on Thursday morning, 27 on Wednesday morning and 31 on Tuesday morning. When I woke up to 38 this morning, I actually thought how much warmer it felt. Sheesh! I live in Central FL! Didn't I leave this behind in CT seven years ago?

  4. Yup - that's cold. But way up here (Maine) it's been in the SINGLE digits or below for most of the month. We're suppose to get something called the "January thaw" each year but with only a week left in the month, I'm not holding out much hope. Brrrr!!!! LOL


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