Fat Ticker Friday: The Gray Rainy Day Outside, Cozy Inside Edition

Good morning! Ok, right off the top, again no change.

But I've gotten in all my runs (today's will be included, 4.5 miles on the treadmill) and workouts. As my runs get longer and time starts to wind down (just about 4 weeks till the big day!) I get more excited about training for a triathlon! I'm excited about doing new workouts and biking as and swimming. Doing different things to different muscles.

(I guess that means I'll have to buy a bike.) But the swimming part just requires a bathing suit and probably not a foofoo looking one, so that's easy enough. But I can tell that the full marathon isn't going to be in the cards anytime soon because right when I get around the 6 mile mark, a searing pain shoots through my knee. I have very little cartilage left in there after two tears, (one while playing powder puff football in high school and the other while twisting wrong while cleaning out the closet 100 months pregnant -- yes, surgery while pregnant. That's fun.) And when they were cleaning out my cartilage they found out that I don't have any ACL either -- just a black hole where that should be.

And I've ignored these facts. Because I don't want to admit I maybe I shouldn't run on it. The doctor recommended that I go about my business anyway and when I get a chance, maybe think about having a piece of ACL regrown on a rat or something or getting one from a cadaver and having it placed in my knee. (No kidding. I thought the whole 'growing parts on an animal thing' was just in the movies.) What would this do for me? It would help the arthritis that is sure to come in my future. Anything else? Not really. But I would be on crutches for at least 6 months and have to do rehab for a year. Hmm. A two-year-old and a one-year-old. Yeah, looks like I'm gonna put that one off for a little while.

I was actually wondering when my knee was going to start to complain and it's only just started, so that's a good thing. But since I'm only moonlighting as a runner anyway, I think it's a perfect time to switch focus and head back to making my three-mile times faster and do some lower impact exercises like biking and swimming.

Otherwise, it's a cold, drizzly, rainy gray day and it's kinda nice because we've been going 100 miles a minute all week. So it's nice to slow down, stay in our pajamas and watch Chicken Little (and blog).

How are you doing? How are your workouts???? Happy Friday! Have a great weekend! (A humongous 8 miles to run on Sunday! Maybe I'll take a Sunday paper with me...)
Oh yes, and it's Super Bowl mania here, here's the stadium all getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday!

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  1. Did great this week. I've really ramped up my exercise & it's showing. I lost two pounds. I'm psyched. I'm in a better mindset & I'm feeling good about it all. I'm praying the momentum continues.

    Bummer about your knee. Biking is tough work & an excellent workout btw. My MIL drags me out whenever possible. ;-)

  2. Hi Christie! Sorry to hear about your sounds painful. It does sound like you've got a good plan, though, and that you at least have a little leeway in timing an operation.

    I'm excited for you training for a triathlon! Any tips you've learned? I've started gravitating to triathlon info lately...I think I'd rather do a sprint tri than go for longer distance running, because I love swimming and biking, too.

    Having said that, though, I'm a bit ashamed to admit that I've gotten off-stride the past couple of weeks. But I'm hanging in there. This past week, I ran two days (slower times than normal), walked one, exercise biked on one, and did my BodyPump class (and am still sore 2 days later!). Foodwise, I've been a bit off-course, too. So I'm up a pound this week.

  3. I've been playing sports my entire life and have never injured my knee!!! I have a baby and I start falling apart piece baby piece. Is there some law or rule that says: Once thy mother has thy baby thy body must fall apart? Anyway, after tearing my meniscus (small injury) I decided that low impact was the way to go, if I want to be able to chase my son around for the next 16, 17, 18 years!!!

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