Fat Ticker Friday: The New Year Edition!


It's the first Fat Ticker Friday of the new year! Happy 2009 everyone! First I want to say that 2008 was a blast with you and I hope 2009 will bring us closer to all our goals together! The Quest for Greatness is on and in 2009 I will do the following:
-Run a half-marathon
-wear a bathing suit without a wrap or shorts, proudly and unabashedly
-Wear a size 6

I think those goals are actually in chronological order because the half-marathon comes first, then comes beach-wearing season, followed by dropping some sizes because I think that's going to take some time. I don't know how much, but according to the trainer I met with last week, he seems to think it will take a year to get rid of my last 10 pounds. Why? Because he says I should actually lose 20 pounds, but gain 10 in muscle to drop the bodyfat percentage. Miz, you're all up on this type of thing, does that sound right? A year to do that?

Anyway, would you believe that I am all twisted and turned around that I actually forgot it was Friday? And I'm going to weigh in after breakfast because I forgot it was Friday and I already ate breakfast and the scale is always different before the breakfast than after. I didn't realize waffles weighed so much. Wouldn't it be nice if you only ever gained what your food actually weighed when it was all chewed up? So you could chew and chew and chew and chew and make it all really small and never gain anything? So my results?

This week's results: tba
Next week's goal: purge home of cookies, actually go food shopping and plan out meals and snacks for everyone, including me cookie-and-sweet-laden children. A healthy house for 2009!

And I know I've been sporatically posting lately and I hope you'll forgive me for that. It's been a really fun, really busy holiday season with all my family here and I've been away from the computer accidentallyonpurpose. But now it's all over and I'm back and ready to go. You ready to get serious now??? Let's go!

We have one event this weekend here in the Quest for Greatness!!! Natalie's got her Jiggle Butt Run on Saturday!!! Way to usher in 2009!!!! So head on over and give her some runlove!!! Good luck Natalie!!!

Oh yes, and happy 2009, Mr. Scale. I'm coming for you.
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  1. Way to go on the 5K. Great job. I will continue to sign in for Fat Ticker Friday. I have a goal of running the 15K at the gasparilla next year. Thanks for the motivation.

  2. No change again this week BUT I have some good information in my post this week from my brother who is a trainer. This weight is coming off one way or another this year!!!!!

  3. Happy New Year, Christie & everyone!

    Not much new to report here. Since last Friday, I got in a few good runs (including one in the rain this morning!) and a nice (but non-strenuous) hike with the family on New Year's Day. I also joined the gym last Tuesday, so my goal for January is to get in the habit of going to a class once a week. (More would be better, but that was my minimum self-requirement for justifying the cost).

  4. thanks for sending the comment love my way! i will let you know how it goes!

  5. I think your trainer is full of crap! I'm no expert, but there's just no way it should take a year to lose 10 lbs. And the muscle you need to put on should occur simultaneously. The last 10 are surely the slowest to come off...but a year?! (Maybe that's just more of his sales pitch to you - pay extra for a year up front, get a discount, blah, blah.)

    The one thing I've heard of a lot of people doing when they plateau is to completely change their exercise routine. I think that interval training is ideal to kick up the metabolism and get rid of the last few pounds. Ten minute warm-up, two minutes high intesity aerobics (bordering on anaerobic), two minutes muscle work (arms, legs, back, whatever - one exercise repeated for the two minutes at a fast enough pace to keep your heart pumping), two-two-two until you've hit about 30 or 40 minutes, then a 10 min cool down.

    Of the several times I've had to lose weight, the one that I was successful at achieving my goal -before getting pregnant again - I kicked off the last 7 lbs with interval training.

    Keep on inspiring us, girl!

  6. okay. i blogged about my 5K! I finished in 35:10. I have another 5K on Feb 28th. I hope to beat my time!

  7. I did not weigh in this week. But I will be back for next week! And I will once again have access to an elliptical. I will say that the pilates work outs seem to be working. Stay tuned!!!


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