Fat Ticker Friday: The Rejuvinated Version

Good morning! Happy Day! Happy Day!

My loss for this week: 2.9 pounds! Woohoo! Woohoo!

I worked hard this week. I did all my runs, did a day each of intense arms and legs and took a spinning class.

I will tell you, there is some truth to shocking the heck out of your body by doing a bunch of reps for one set of muscles and working out another set of muscles without a break in between and going back and forth until failure. I did this with biceps/triceps, chest/back and legs and I was pretty much in pain all week but it obviously did something. I also switched things up by adding in 30 minutes of cardio on the days I weight trained so that I do 5-6 days of cardio and three days of weights. Before, I was doing three of cardio, three of weights. I'm going to keep doing this and shock my body into submission. How bout that?

How did you do this week? Do you have a renewed rejuvenation? Doesn't it feel good, by the way, to know you're not one of the masses that started on New Years, that you've already been on the wagon for a while now? That part makes me happy. I was always one of the herd headed to the gym around the New Year only to taper of and fail a few short weeks later. (Not anymore!)

I have good news!! There are sponsors coming! So make sure to keep an eye out because I think this is gonna be pretty cool!!
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  1. Wow! What a great weight loss! I'm not ready for such an intense workout but I'm coming along nicely with my pushups challenge. I also forgot to weigh in this morning which is OK because this is a do-over week for me. I decided that a new year deserves a fresh start on the weight loss ticker. I'll be reporting my Monday morning results from now on. That's when I weigh in for, a blog that I co-author for a great group of gals losing weight together.

  2. Down 2 pounds this week. Got in 4 runs this week and a BodyPump class! I am still sore.

    Maybe, with the Quest for Greatness, this should be "Fit Ticker Friday?" :-)

  3. Obviously I need to shock my body more!!!! That is a GREAT weight loss!!!! Congrats!!!! I am right behind you!!!

  4. I did not weigh in!!! I haven't been feeling right this week. I think it might be the switch to pilates but I'm not sure. Anyway, I did get 5 workouts in this week but they were not very intense. I need to step up the intensity for next week. And maybe, just maybe I will lose a couple of pounds!!! Great Job!


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