Fat Ticker Friday: The Workout Slump Version

Updated 9am: no loss no gain. Thank goodness. Back to your usual scheduled programming.

* * *

OK. What the heck. I'm going against all that I believe this week and doing the complete opposite. Like for instance, being a lazy lump. Normally when I didn't have motivation to run or go to the gym, I'd do it anyway. And when I couldn't find the time, I'd make the time. I've been "no excuses girl." And proud of it.

But not this week. Because the only time I could go to the gym was after the kids went to bed and did I?

I chose not. I worked out on Monday. Yep. That's it. Just Monday. I don't know why. Something has got to change. I've got to physically write in all of my workouts, not only for my piece of mind, but for the support network who needs to watch the kids while I go do my thing. And would you believe what a grumpypants I turn into when I'm not getting my gym/run time? Apparently this me-time is sooooo needed and necessary in my life.

The part deux of this week's disaster is that I attempted to go to the gym last night too. I went in. I was poised to run 5 miles on the treadmill. I was all ready. I was even wearing my 10k shirt looking all runner-like and official. I got about oh, 2 minutes in and whoops.

Time to get off the treadmill and run for it.

I must've looked really funny leaping off the treadmill like I did. I don't even think the belt had fully stopped before I launched off of it. And if you still don't understand why I leaped like I did, it was because, well, *ahem*, let's just say that things just aren't the same after the kids. I may or may not have mentioned my embarrassing problem before.

And I had actually been to a doctor's appointment earlier in the day to figure out why, after more than a year, things still weren't quite right. When I run or cough or laugh.

I suspect that the appointment itself is why things on the treadmill went like they did. I probably should've seen it coming, really. So I did what anyone with this problem would do, I tied my sweatshirt around my waist, considered the workout over and mustered up some dignity and exited the building. Hadn't brought the extra pants.

We're all so very open on the internet, aren't we, (she says as her hand keeps wandering over to the backspace key.)

Well in the interest of full disclosure (hey, why not.) there is a procedure I can have done, but that would mean when/if I decide to ride the crazy train have a third child one day, it might ruin the procedure. So we decided to hope time heals all wounds.

(I wonder if she knows that people can see through the words that are crossed out.)

Anyway, I am not quite behind on my training with this week being kind of a wash, but if I let any other weeks go, I will be. So as God is my witness, game on. I will still be getting in my workout today, Saturday and Sunday, so I'll be playing catch up but I'll eek 'em in.

I'll be back a little later with my weigh-in results. (This should be good.) Ciao!

psst. How did you do this week? Get your workouts in? Feeling good?
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  1. I had a fantastic week for workouts. Fantastic. Everytime I stepped off that treadmill I thought to myself 'that was the best run EVER' and then the next time it'd be even better. I've been on such a high all week about it.

  2. glad it is GAME ON there!!

    though you have had more than your share of lifecrap to serve as deterrent.

    need a prod this weekend?

    Im your woman :)

  3. I'm in the same slump you are sista but I refuse to stop!!!!
    Stay focused!!!!

  4. I've been in a slump too, mine due to my recently discontinued participation in an Intensive Reconditioning Group at Kaiser. It interfered in my life in more ways than I care to admit. It prevented me from doing the things I was doing, like water aerobics and swimming classes. I have decided to quit the group and am back on my own plan. So game on, I've lost about 0.5 lbs. Even though it's raining I've got the Wii Fit so no excuses!

    Good luck! I'm joining you for workouts this weekend and remember wwbd?

  5. OK, 3 out of 4 of you are just like me. I did get my workouts in, but no other exercise. And I wasn't able to complete today's workout. I'll try again tomorrow. I WILL do 100 pushups by Feb 28.

  6. I feel like I'm in a slump, but I'm not. If that makes sense? I have completely changed my workout, as I mentioned in my post. And I am seeing results. So, it is what it is!!! And I am good with it!

  7. Yup - my week was the same. ::sigh:: It hasn't been pretty around here lately. Tomorrow is always another day! Here's to a great final week of January!!!

    Oh - and my event was cancelled. I've got to figure out another one because I need the motivation! Although, my MIL assured me tonight she will do that for me. LOL I love my MIL so it's all good. ;-)


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