Some law or something...

The sun is out, it's 70 and the birds are chirping.

Yes, it's a nice day to be in Florida. I'm feeling good, especially after that wonderful 7 mile run of yesterday and my legs hurt but they hurt so good...

I've been learning and relearning lessons these days as I've been struggling to remain motivated and dedicated to my goal of half-marathon training. Turns out it all boils down to this: as I always say (and someone famous may have said this before me, but I'm not really sure) "objects in motion stay in motion." That run yesterday was just the thing I needed to relight my fire. It's amazing how that works. Let me get this straight. (I'm slow...)

So, I exercise and get moving and.... I want to keep moving??


Or, I plant my butt on the couch, and I'll just want to keep sitting?


So then if I want to keep moving and maintain the energy to keep moving, it must follow that I should not stop moving? Amazing!!! Someone should pay me for discovering these things.

Oh. They've already discovered that? Bummer. Well then maybe I should get paid for having discovered that you can't lose weight while planting butt on couch.

Oh. They've discovered this too? Well why didn't they tell me!

Good luck this week! I'm gonna get moving! (How about you???)
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  1. Oh, I hear ya. Last week was weird (on the road, mom in the hospital, etc.), so this week I've got to jump back into my routine. I chose to walk at lunch instead of running to get more family time this morning, so hopefully that will get me back in motion....

  2. LOL! Amazing discovery!

    I need a good ol' lighting-under-the-butt. It's just way too easy to sit here and NOT make my way to the gym.


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