All Aboard the Valentines Express

Now here's a reason for living in Florida that I can get behind. Theme parks.

I forget sometimes how much I love them and how lucky I am to have a million of them in my backyard. Sometimes a girl just needs to go play. We went to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure for our Valentines-post-Anniversary combo platter and had the best.time.ever.

Out of the two parks, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, I'd choose the latter every time. The rollercoasters are the best!! And ok, are you ready for this? If you ever go, I have two words for you: Express Pass.

We got a package through the Universal site that included a hotel across the street from City Walk, where all the restaurants and clubs are, and the parks. The package also included free cover to all the clubs, transportation to and from the parks and citywalk, admission to both parks, and this little thing called the Express Pass, where you get to jump the lines at the rides. You get it as a perk for staying at the hotels on Universal property. And it's quite a perk.

How wrong did I feel bypassing the huge snakey 45 minute line and all those faces and voices saying, "Where are they going???" to wait in my own two-minute line for every single ride?

And that 60 minute line? Not for us!! Yes, I felt pretty guilty, but don't worry. It passes.

We were done with the park in about 3 hours and went through and did it again. We saved so much time not waiting in line that we got to go back to the room and nap before dinner and going for round two at the clubs. Which was also really fun (it was Mardi Gras and I got me some beads that light up!) but a very poignant reminder of why I do not do this very much. (And yes, I feel much better today.)

We weren't sure what we were going to do for our anniversary, we were thinking maybe something relaxing, a beach weekend away or something... but this was so much better. We were like kids going on all the rides, and laughing and screaming and going on the water rides and having to walk around with wet droopydrawers, and going out dancing, and meeting all sorts of fun people.

The one unfortunate thing was not having my camera, which was really like removing one of my appendages. But it was too big and bulky to bring along, so we were probably the only people at the park with the dinosaur disposable. Which you have to get developed. And I may or may not have about 20 of these all filled up in a box under my bed because I'm really good at getting disposable cameras developed.

Anyway, what a trip. I feel all refreshed and recharged as a mommy today. This was exactly what we needed.

Ps. I am pretty sure Pubsgal has a 5k today!!! Go over and wish her luck!!!
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  1. Ooo, sounds like you had a great time, Christie! :-)

    Yes, my 5K is today...and it's pouring rain! The race is still on, though. This is probably one of the few situations in which I can say, "If Lance Armstrong can do it, so can I!" (Stage 2 of the AmGen Tour de California bike race is today...unfortunately, they will be passing the end of my street during my race, so I won't be able to stand out there and cheer them on.)

  2. THANKS SO MUCH for your helpful comment yesterday (incontinence).



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