Fat Ticker Friday: The Friday the 13th/Slacker Blogger Version

Woooooooooo! It's Friday the 13th!

I guess that's supposed to be scary or something. Like having gained two pounds this week. That's scary. I was feeling a little watery/puffy in my fingers this morning when I went to do my normal weigh in, but honestly, I thought there would be a loss. My midsection doesn't feel as rolypoly and I did so many squats and lunges (even in the shower! squats while rinsing my hair, how's that for a mental picture!) And even though there's been Valentine's candy thrust in my face the whole week, I've only partaken here and there, but not enough (or so I thought) to throw it all off. I know, I know, excuses excuses. If only I could hook the scale up to the lie detector. The scale doesn't lie, right? Or does it?

I'm just kind of disappointed coming off of last week. I thought the long distances were just the push I needed. I am still, after months, hovering in the same place. Gaining and losing the same two pounds. And I'm in an ok place mentally, still working on the last 10 but not feeling nearly as hideous as I did 35 pounds ago. Maybe that's where I've gotten complacent. But still, if I have a hope of looking good in a bathing suit, which for most people isn't until June but for us down here, really it's any day now, March, April or May, whenever it warms up,..then I'd better get cracking. That's why I started doing squats and lunges anywhere I can. Because I've got a backside to tighten up.

For exercising: I played softball Monday (I consider this cardio because there is a lot of running and sprinting), I took a spin class Tuesday night, ran 5 miles on Wednesday and took Thursday off. Today I have another 5 miles and then 10 miles over the weekend, the longest run in the half-marathon training. I'm still getting exercise in but I just can't seem to kick these pounds without lifting weights. Guess I just answered my own question..

* * *

Anyhoo, non-fat related, this weekend we're going for a kid-free weekend round two! And I think it will be a little more guiltless than being in an empty silent house like last weekend. The husband and I are going to Orlando to play! Woot! We're going to Universal Studios Island of Adventure, which is by far my absolute favorite theme park in the ENTIRE WORLD. The rides are phenomenal. The roller coasters are so much fun. It is my favorite place to play and I don't actually think I've been there for about 10 years now so I'm am so excited I feel like bursting open. We got a great package, staying at one of the Universal hotels and you get an "express pass" to jump ahead in lines at the park and free covers at the clubs on City Walk. And yes, we will be hitting the clubs. Which means dancing! And singing too! Because there's a karaoke club (I LOVE KARAOKE!) and a jazz bar and a dance club and then there's Margaritaville and a piano bar, not to mention the Mardi Gras stuff going on...

It's an anniversary-part deux/slash/Valentine's extravaganza! I'm so excited! I am just waiting out Friday to get to Saturday and then we'll be driving our little drive to Orlando and off to have some fun! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's weekend! What will you be doing??
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  1. I will not be going to a Universal Hotel but I will be able to get out on Saturday with my hubby. He has a show so I too will be dancing!!! YEAH!!! I haven't been out in a while!!!
    Have fun!!!

  2. I just gave you the Honest Scrap award


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