Fat Ticker Friday: The Kids are at Gramma's Version

Woot! Bye bye 1.5 pounds this week!


I don't know, but I actually felt these going away. Things fit a little better, I feel and see some roll minimizing going on...

Maybe it's the long runs, who knows. But finally, a loss! Woohoo! Sunday we're up to 9 miles, we're talkin crazyland, people! Crazyland!

Ahhh, soooo....the kids are at gramma's today and I slept in to the wee hour of 7:45 (45 minutes later than usual!),felt compelled to clean up and do dishes now I'm sitting down with my coffee watching the Today show and blogging.

Then, I will run 5 miles, at my leisure, go get my hair done and have happy hour and dinner with my husband for our anniversary which was yesterday but we decided on a Friday night dinner instead. What a nice Friday! It's like a dream!

So why do I feel so guilty?

Leaving the kids last night was literally heart-wrenching. I don't leave them very much for the night with someone other than my husband, (I think I've only left my youngest once) but it was terrible at first! I cried about halfway home and needed to seek phone support from my sister and my best friend! And I don't even know why! They're going to be fine, they're going to spend so much time with their grandparents who miss and love them to death, what is my problem! (Makes me think I just need to do this more...)

And now I'm only just now getting used to the silence, but the guilt, oh the guilt. Why must mommies feel guilt so often, I don't know. My head is in a constant battle with itself (a snippet of inner conversation):

Me 1: (listening to silence feeling guilty)
Me 2: Stop it! Just type! They're having fun!
Me 1: (listening to silence)
Me 2: Get over it! This is supposed to be fun for us and you're ruining it!
Me 1: (silence)
Me 2: You're hopeless. Give yourself until 9:30 to feel guilty if you must and then go get busy doing something and keep your mind off it. The world is your oyster today!
Me 1: Maybe you're right... should I call though? I should call...
Me 2: No! Let it go already. You're being ridiculous.
Me 1: You're right. No call. But are they behaving? Should I be doing this? They're ok, right?
Me 2: Yes. And it's already being done so it's too late anyway. So enjoy it already and stop being a daft cow.
Me 1: But...
Me 2: This conversation is over.

OK I feel better. Don't you?

Anyway, I'm really excited about the restaurant (I've been saving up all week for this day off!) It's a spanish restaurant with tapas and yummy delicious looking food, it's rustic with cafe lights on the outside and I pass it almost every day but have never been. And I don't know what to wear either, do I wear a black dress with no sleeves that I have (it's freezing right now, but is the coat enough?), a nice shirt and black pants? I really have no idea??!! (Hmm. Shopping? I do have the time...)

How are you doing this week? How's the training??? Who's got races coming up soon??????
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  1. Christie O.: Those feelings might not go away completely, but you'll be able to enjoy yourself *around* them. Separating from them is hard when they're really little like that and soooo good at inducing mom-guilt. It really will get better as they get older...although we've only done a night away from our kids once, but they were with aunt & uncle & cousins and older than your two, so we got over the guilt-thing *really* quickly.

    Let's see...I switched scales this week to a digital one, so I'm not exactly how much I am up this most .8 pound. I did get in two great runs and a session on the eliptical today, plus a BodyPump class Wednesday and some strength training at the gym today. It's nice to be back to a consistent training schedule. My 5K is in 10 days!!! (By the way, I like how you've added links your races and a ticker until the next one on your sidebar. Hope you don't mind me being a copy-cat...)

  2. I remember feeling like that. Now Elliot stays at his Nana's house once EVERY week. I can't wait until Joshua's old enough to do the same.

  3. enjoy some time to yourself and with your hubs!!! it will make you a better mamma and they will have a blast at grandmas!

    i am up this friday but i shouldn't be. i tracked, i worked i'm pretty sure it was the high sodium dinner last night. arg. we will see this next week...

  4. Congrats on the 1.5! And enjoy the restaurant... :)

  5. When my girl goes to school and the boy is home with dad I still feel like someone is in the car. I keep looking back for them.

  6. i didn't get in on your current weight loss challenge because i wasn't sure if i could really commit to a marathon or push ups or whatever. i did however just start a challenge this month and clara's and my blog it's the we don't need no stinking soda challenge. i can't believe that i have gone a week w no soda...ok, well that's not exactly true. i had approx one ounce w/ ice last night. i felt a little guilty, but i think that's pretty good that i didn't even NEED or WANT more of the soda. i've been able to do my 3 mile walking dvd and got in 6 miles bt 3 days PLUS about 40 mins on the wii fit. amazing what one little change in your life can do for you.

    anyways, congrats on the loss! sometimes the mom guilt can be there, but you know, we have to learn how to keep ourselves a priority, too. when momma's happy, the whole family is happy as they say :)


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