Fat Ticker Friday: The Obsession Confession Version

Good morning!

I am happily back in that place that we call "square one". I've lost the two pounds that I found last week, so I have broken even.

I am in a weird place right now. I would like to be that always all-inspirational, never have a dull moment, plunge through the plateau type-a weight-loss gal, but somewhere along the way, I won't lie, I've lost the fire. I am 10 pounds shy of my goal weight and have been for oh, quite a while now. I have not broken through that mark except for that quick dip back during Hot for the Holidays.

It's not even that I don't know what to do. I'm not even that unhappy or frustrated. I know exactly what I have to do and I just haven't. My lifestyle overall is healthy-ish. I exercise at least 4 times a week, but up to 6. I eat well except for the occasional indulgences and even there, there is no over-indulgence, really, in comparison to the Christie of the past. Complacent, maybe? The truth is (and we all know it), that all parts of the car must be working simultaneously in order to keep seeing results. Where have I been falling short? For the past few weeks, I haven't touched weights. I've done cardio, but I know myself and my body responds to weights and cardio together. And I've been eating good, but not great. So there.

What has changed? I think part of it is that I finally came to the place of "the final ten", and I've found that I feel pretty ok here. I feel good about myself again, have found the sociable part of me again, and have found the confident part of me again. Sure I'd like a few less dimples in the back of my legs. But honestly? As long as I am not in the place I was before, 35 and 40 pounds heavier on a 5 foot nothing frame, I am actually pretty happy. That place I was where I was obsessed for so long? Yeah, it's faded a little. (You may have noticed...) Because I can focus on other things again instead of just "full steam ahead" in weight loss. And I was pretty obsessed. Ask my friends. Sure I'm disappointed that my drive to keep going is petering out a little, but I haven't lost sight of what a great year it's been. And it's been one great year.

I love (and am so thankful!) that a handful of you stuck around with me to train for something, because I love that there is this camaraderie here. And I still want us to push through to our goals because it's all coming down to the wire now. Are you still in? You still got that run? Still got those pushups???

I still got a half-marathon to do...And I won't lie. Being able to run 9 miles or 10, and soon, 13.1 feels pretty darn cool, even if I haven't lost the last ten pounds to go along with it.

So stay with me folks, we're still Questing for Greatness here (even if it has been quietly..), and next week there's a prize (truly there is). We have a donor (thank you Pubsgal dear!)
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  1. Can't sign the linky since I'm not actually training for anything, but I wanted to say that "I hear ya"! I've been struggling with this last 10 for about a year. The difference is, I don't like where I'm at and want that 10 off. It's just a serious struggle :( I'm still working out 4 days/week and eating fairly healthy (w/ some gluttony thrown in now and then) but I just can't find a way to get that old scale moving again. Even though I'm not training, I'm with you in spirit :)

  2. Oh, I hear ya, Christie! And I'm still here. I guess if we just keep doing what we're doing, we'll be the same or healthier, which is a good thing. I'm up +.8 this week, and I've been holding steady around the same weight for the past month now. Next Tuesday I'll do my monthly measure, and we'll see if the BodyPump class has given me any results.

    Got my next race on the calendar: the See Jane Run "I run for champagne and chocolates" event in May! And I want to beat my PR, darn it!!! So yep, I'm still questing....

  3. I'm with you!!! I too have not lost any weight and really haven't pushed my self to do so. I started this adventure with the hopes of being able to stay on the elliptical at least 3 days a week for an hour... and I just didn't do it!!! I got into this Pilates kick... and like I have already said it is doing good things for me! So this Quest is a way for me to stay focus and to continue living a healthy life style!!!
    Thanks Christie

  4. I'm still here and still cheering you through me plateau, even if I'm way behind in commenting.


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