Fat Ticker Friday!

I'm starting this morning off with a migraine. Last night we saw Seinfeld (and I have a story about that I'll be posting in a day or two, he was awesome! I was crying! He's hilarious!) and at dinner I had red wine, which sometimes does it to me. I've had this since last night. I've tried everything and Poops coming into our room at 6 o'clock this morning with his jingle bell bracelet didn't really help things along. But I'm coffeeing right now and I've migraine-pilled so hopefully soon something will give.

Whelp, I'm also starting this morning off with no weight loss. No gain, but no loss either. So let's sum it up. For the last 12 weeks, because this Sunday will be the end of my 12 week training, I've lost two pounds. Yes, I'm a little disappointed. That's pretty lame. Just to show you that's what happens when you keep exercising but let the diet part slide a little. What did I learn? Of course, you gotta do it all. It really is, at least for me, all or nothing. Not that I really learned this, I guess you can say I just confirmed it. But I've trained for the half-marathon, and after our final 10-mile run last Sunday, I do think I'm ready. I do think I will be able to do this. I do think I may finish last, but I know I will finish. And not really any skinner, but definitely filled with more confidence. No matter what, it's still been a good year. This time last year I was 35 pounds heavier and squeezing into a size 16. So that's still something.

So how did you do???? Be sure to leave me a comment this week because there's a prize up for grabs!! Pubsgal contributed this prize and it's AWESOME! I've been staring at it in awe all week. It's a Sigg water bottle and it's no lame plasticky thing. It's awesome, it's aluminum, lightweight and just plain old really really cool. So keep us posted on your progress, my deadline may be approaching but I will still be cheering everyone on! I'll be posting the winner tomorrow morning and I'll keep you posted on my run on Sunday. I can't believe it's here already! I'm picking up my bib number today! I already have the nervous knots in my stomach and I think I'll feel like this the entire weekend until 6 a.m. on Sunday when I'm standing at the starting line. I'm so excitedscared! Did you see the progression by the way? Can you tell that during this post it just dawned on me that I'll be running a half-marathon in two days? (I'm getting nauseous.)
I felt ready about three minutes ago, but now I'm not so sure! Did I do enough? Did I train enough? Did I do enough? Oh God, I hope so! It's too late now!!! I'm going to have to invoke the great Eminem quote... "So here I go with my shot, feet fail me not -- This may be the only opportunity that I got."
I am officially freaking out. OK. It'll be fine. It's just like my husband said. You move your feet, a lot, for a while, until you're done. Right? It's just that easy.
Oh, I'm feeling a little lightheaded.
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  1. Good luck on your run!!!! I LOVE the water bottle and am still pluggin' away at my new fitness lifestyle!!!!

  2. I'm sure you're nervous. I would be too. But you have trained like a pro and will be fine!! You've pretty much already run it. You can do it :)

    And as for the weight loss. It's taken me a year to lose 4 pounds (and most of that year was putting on 4 pounds, taking off 4 pounds, putting on 2 pounds, taking off 2 pounds - you get the picture). Hitting a plateau can be frustrating, but you can blast through it. You've come a long way, Baby :)

  3. Good luck in the half-marathon this weekend! You'll do great!!!

    I'm up .4 lb this week. I've spent a month bobbing up and down around the same 1-2 pounds. (Good news is, though, that I lost some fractions of inches in the measurements, so BodyPump class must be doing something good!) I probably ought to adjust my food a bit to see some more movement down the scale, although it's really pleasant in some ways to float along.

    I took a break from running workouts this week, substituting stationary bike and video workout. (Did my BodyPump class, though, and ow...I was so sore!) I did run today...I've got to get back to training if I want to break my PR in the race in May!

    (P.S. Obviously, you can omit me from the prize drawing! :-)

  4. You can doooooo it!!! You've been my inspiration to live a more healthy life style!!! Thank you for welcoming me into your motivational group!!!
    I think it will be as easy as just moving your feet!!! Mind over matter!!! Good luck!!!
    I think I have lost weight over the last 12 weeks but I'm not definite as to how much.. I think 3 or 4 pounds.. but I kind of stopped counting and stopped getting on the scale!!!

  5. oh i so feel your pain. i have only lost about 2 lbs since christmas. frustrating at best. this time last year i was about 45 lbs heavier so i have made progress....just wish i had made more progress in the past couple of months.

    enjoy your race! you will do great!!! and thanks for the chance to win the water bottle.


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