My Kid Likes Hot Blondes


I have never seen a little boy so smitten. I didn't think two-year-olds could be smitten.

The mall play area is always such a treat. The boy gets to pick up a million zillion different germs run around and play shoeless and unfettered. I've always been quite against them (and should be more so since the flu season has started) but they're a nice break when I have to bribe him into being good while I look for stuff in the mall. Anyway, this particular play area is small, but there's a little turtle that looks like the sea turtle from Nemo that he rides on, two cars that look like Doc and Lightning McQueen, it's pretty much heaven on earth in a 10 by 10 space.

So when a full-grown adult lady, tight tee-shirt, platinum blonde hair, very made-up, very svelte and yes, hot walks in and sits down on the bench in the corner where she continues to watch her niece play, I wouldn't think that with all those other fun things around, my two-year-old would head straight over to her, climb up on the bench like there is some sort of unstoppable magnetic pull involved, and crawl on his hands and knees like a lion toward her, stopping just short of sitting right in her lap.

I mean, really.

Looking up at her with big puppy dog eyes while she's Blackberrying and waiting for some acknowledgement.

So I'm completely mouth agape, Who is this child and what on earth have you done with my sweet son, I walk over to bring him back down onto this planet (while simultaneously being mortified that I'm pretty sure she was just hit on by a two-year-old) and apologize for I'm not sure what is occurring here.

Oh, and I wish that were it. He performed this little number about three more times, and then worse, he'd purposely fall down off the bench, look up at her to find out if he saw him fall down hoping for some sort of gorgeous girl attention, before realizing that there was none and doing it again. Eventually, I decided enough was enough and we moved on to greener pastures, aka Baby Gap.
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  1. My baby boy must have a sore neck from all the head turning he does when we go out to eat. He loves dark haired waitess. With us living in the land of dark haired Okinawans he is in heaven.

  2. too funny! my little guy is a flirt too!

  3. my daughter is the SAME WAY (uh, with men...much to my husband's chagrin in a way. he thinks women are nicer...)!


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