I saw Jerry Seinfeld this week and I love him love him love him! He's my favorite. And I have a story about that, but first I want to say that I was literally crying laughing during his show. Crying! Tears streaming, stomach hurting, the whole thing. Especially when he went on a rant about the Cialis commercial with the people in the two bathtubs, have you ever seen this? Every time I see this I wonder howwhywhat?? is with the two people sitting in separate bathtubs which are placed in a lake. It makes no sense.

And when he went on a tirade about it -- I'll tell you what, if you're dragging a cast iron tub out into the middle of nowhere, maybe that could be why you don't have any energy for lovemaking.

I was in tears.

So I'm outing myself here. I'm a complete Seinfeldaholic.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I know pretty much every line to every episode and probably can name that episode in one note.

It's my gift. Abusing television shows and movies that I love by watching them constantly until they're worn out and I have to buy new ones is what I do. And when my husband has the remote, he makes sure to try and distract me when he sees that Twister or Sweet Home Alabama or Bridget Jones is on TNT or Oxygen again because he knows he'll be stuck watching it if there's nothing else on. No matter if I've seen it one bajillion times.

I didn't even really watch Seinfeld when it was on, come to think of it. I got hooked on the reruns on TBS a few years later and I've seen every episode at least three hundred times, probably like most people. My favorite episode is the one where Jerry wears the fur coat and George has the really fat wallet and Jerry carries a manpurse. (But it's not a purse, it's EUROPEAN!) And here's a tip: if someone tells you, "I like your purse!", don't respond by saying, "It's not a purse, it's European!" and think that they'll know what you're talking about. Because even though you will be laughing on the inside and thinking you're the most hilarious person on the planet, everyone will stop, look at you like you're totally rude, and then your mom will tell you later, "What was that business about the European purse?!"

Long ago when I lived in New York City, my friends and I went to a comedy club. We were crossing the street to go in when a Porsche came zooming up the street and stopped just short of my friend, who also stopped like a deer in headlights and was close enough to put her hand on the hood. And she shared a moment with Jerry that was just like in Ferris Bueller (another one of my abused movies) when Ferris was almost run over by his sister when he was running home and he stands there staring at her in the car, realization washing over him that this was his sister...

We all realized who was in the car and we thought it was the greatest thing in the world that my friend almost got hit by Jerry Seinfeld. We laughed about it all night (and still do, really...) But that was back when we were in our 20s and we didn't get angry over such things as almost being hit by a car.

Turns out, among the no-names performing at this comedy club was a little-known comedian named Jerry Seinfeld who was not on the headliner list at all because had he been, the tickets would have been a million dollars. But in New York, sometimes comedians would just do a "drop in" to try out their new stuff. Lucky us! Which is what he must've been doing because a couple nights later, he was on Letterman with all the same material, something about putting so much stuff in a pizza these days that soon they're going to bake people right into the crust and they'll have to eat their way out!

So that was the night that we had gotten free tickets (oh I forgot to mention that the tickets had been free??) to sit in the front row and accidentally see Jerry Seinfeld and the night my friend almost got run over by his Porsche. These are the great things about living in New York. An ordinary night can turn extraordinary in one split second. Gosh I miss it.

* * *
Congrats to Danielle at Alberts Family! She wins this week's wonderful Quest prize donated lovingly by Pubsgal!
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  1. Congrats, Danielle! I went over and checked out her blog--she did fantastic on the Quest!


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