Vodka and Sangria

I found two of the most wonderful delicious recipes and they've become a part of my repertoire and I must share them.

Once upon a time, I was craving Penne a la Vodka. When I have a race that's a big deal to me, (I call it a race but it's a race to real runners, not me, the backpacker) I do the whole ceremonious pasta dinner thing the night before because I'm a sucker for tradition. (Then I wake up, have a cup of coffee, water and a Body for Life bar and that's my breakfast). Anyway, back to wanting vodka sauce. Oh yum. When I lived in New York, it was a New York italian restaurant specialty and I ordered it takeout all the time (no wonder I've kept a little padding on myself throughout my life). Anyway, as you probably know, vodka sauce is so darned fattening and since I save my cream sauce indulgence for my annual Fettucine Alfredo splurge I didn't wanna blow it on the night before the race. But I wanted vodka sauce!! (me whining). I don't know why, I think I had just been thinking about New York a lot and missing it a little.

So a bunch of google and and Recipezaar later, I found it. Ta-da!!!

Low-fat penne a la vodka. Amen. So here's the recipe and I've made a few changes to it but nothing unusual. I added a ton of garlic because this recipe has no garlic in it. (Are they crazy???) And I minused the mushrooms because I am an anti-mushroomite. (By the way, I'm one of the commenters with a generic nickname on the reviews on the recipe because I couldn't help myself.)

So here's the breakdown of fat and calories:
Fat: 7 1/2 grams
Calories: 466 calories.
That's pretty good to me!! What do you think? Do try it!

Then, on New Years Eve, I was searching for another recipe for Mexican Fiesta night at my parents' house (because we were really exciting and ate a bunch of really good Mexican food, drank Sangria and played scrabble on New Years in our pajamas). The recipe was for sangria and that, too, I have not matched since living in New York where my favorite sangria was at a place called Cafe Wha? in the village (I still have -- and use-- a wooden spoon I stuck in my purse as a souveneir because I was moving. I know, I know. But I very rarely ever steal anything... )

Anyway, back to the recipe. I found this one and it is AMAZING. I also brought it to a party at my cousin's house and it was gone in 60 seconds. I've since made it three times and (I'm not really this big of a wino, really...) it really is delicious and very, very simple.That's not my picture -- but that is what it looks like, even when I make it! I may or may not be sipping this as we speak...

I don't know the calorie count on this one so don't look at me after you finish the pitcher.Bookmark and Share


  1. oh god i looove penne vodka! and it too reminds me of the city. nobody down here makes it as good. i had no idea it was so fattening...great.


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