Happy Wedding!

Congratulations to my beautiful sister-in-law and her new husband on their marriage over the weekend!!

It was such a beautiful ceremony. And sunny Florida in March really is beautiful. Even though it can be a little windy...

My son was the ring bearer.

He did pretty good walking from way far away all the way down to where he was supposed to go. Without even running. He did hug the pillow the whole way (the one with the fake rings on it...) and if you scroll back up to look at the happy couple, you'll see a fountain.

(The pillow almost ended up there.)

When my son got sidetracked by the pretty fountain and the running water, which to an almost three-year-old is like kid-catnip. He got so excited he completely forgot he was supposed to complete the walk by standing next to the groom.

Except for the discreet panicky mommy yelling which I like to call the "yell-whisper" -- the raspy whisper that is the loudest possible whisper just one decible below actual yelling. But still discreet enough for people to know you're not really yelling...

Besides that, he did well.
Oh I just love tiny suits, don't you?

And then, there's the part just after the dessert but just before naps...
It was a good day. Congratulations guys! Love you!
PS. softball update: no hit yet. There's still next week...
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  1. Congrats to you SIL! And tiny suits are too cute:) Keeping my fingers crossed for a hit next time. You can do it!


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