iHeartFaces: Green

This week's theme for i Heart Faces is "green." And honestly, I cannot get past the color green without thinking of my son's blankie, affectionately called, "green blanket."

You have no idea what happens when green blanket is missing. We've had to dig up a blue blanket and refer to it as the "magic blanket" if green blanket is missing. Green blanket goes everywhere there is an overnight stay. If there is no green blanket, there is no sleep. This is his friend, his partner, the very first love of his life only to be replaced by a (possible) high school sweetheart and/or potential life partner/mate. Because, for now, green blanket is here to stay.

I'd like to call this photo: "Ensconced." Because if he could be ensconced in green blanket every minute of every day, he would.

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  1. that expression! Good luck to ya!

  2. We never had a special blanket, we had a special T SHIRT. Yes, an old T Shirt of my Dad's that he chewed when he fell asleep. Yours is MUCH prettier : )


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