Mantra Monday: Achieving Potential Part II

Softball starts tonight.


Down here we play year-round. I started playing again over the summer last year after an almost 4 year hiatus. I had wanted to lose the babyweight before playing again and didn't want to be "bouncing" around the bases.

So when I finally got to a weight I thought I could sprint at, I joined a team as an "orphan" and some random team that needed a girl picked me up. And for not having played in four years, I did pretty good. And my team rocked! We've since played two more seasons. The fall season was awesome. I was actually on some great hitting streak, which was pretty amazing for me.

Then it hit. The slump. And it all started at the tail end of the fall when someone yelled, "You got it girl! Just hit one of your singles!"

Which when you're on a hitting streak, is supposed to have been a compliment. But what annoyed me was the fact that yes, I was on a hitting streak, but I was only hitting singles. Nothing spectacular. And since someone had taken the time to yell that out, it was pretty common knowledge that I commonly hit singles.

So what did I do?

I flied out of course.

Because I'm playing in my head again. And we finished out the season, started the winter season and we had three games before I got a hit in '09. In fact, I remember thinking that since I played right field and no one's hit anything to me in a while, that I hardly contributed anything as a player. Except maybe a couple of walks because I'm short. And I have a little strike zone.

So I'm going to continue with last week's mantra, "Achieve your potential," because I know I'm better than that. It's time for me to get out of my own head and have a hit. A good hit that takes me at least to second base. But yes, I'll walk before I run (scuse the pun) first and actually focus on hitting and getting to first because apparently this is a problem for me. I need this. So here's to me and the new spring softball season and a hit. Tonight.

Happy Mantra Monday!
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  1. I love the concept of mantra monday!!!

    Mine: You can do this. You can do this.

    simple but needed.

  2. Home run, all the way. :) You go, girl. I think it's awesome that you are out there playing and being so active.

  3. You can do it missy! I have all the faith in the world.



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