Wordless Wednesday: Sleeping right through it...

I usually keep Wednesdays wordless but I think a little explanation is in order on these. Ohh my poor little boy.

My (almost) 3-year-old had an ear infection this week and a cold and a horrible cough that kept him up all night for a few nights. So we've been doing the nebulizer 4 times a day. We call it the "firemask" though, because he all but worships firefighters and they wear special masks like these when they're fighting fires, like we've seen on one of our favorite shows, "Fireman Sam". He's a trooper about it though. On this particular "firemask" session, I had sat down all ready to open up the computer, but instead I asked him if he wanted me to snuggle up with him. And to my glee, he said yes, which is huge for my little man because our snuggle days are so few and far between. So right before I took this picture, I was laying next to my little boy with my arms around him, while he had on his "firemask" and was watching Wall-E. And he fell asleep. It took all of me to not close my eyes and nap with him but I couldn't let that loud motor on the nebulizer keep going and going (darn thing). But he was sleeping pretty hard, too, because he didn't stir when I wiggled my way out, got the camera and snapped a few pictures right before carrying him off for his nap.

Sweet thing. But he's almost all better now, and I'm glad because he missed school this week and his big Spring Festival for school is on Friday and he just can't miss that!!!
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  1. Awe!!! poor baby... there's something terrible going around. I hope he gets better soon. I would hate for him to miss his spring festival.


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