Project Nastiness in the PM

I like to build things and I like to make things. And it always starts out with those four little words in my head: "Oh, that'll be easy!" And probably only about 10% of the time does it really turn out to actually be easy.
Well it was 9:30 at night and we finally obtained the stones for the little patio that my dad and I are putting in Friday. 56 of these little babies. Turns out the stones weighed just a tad bit more than we thought, and hauling them in the back of the Cherokee just wasn't gonna cut it.
Because we had this too....
River rock and leveling sand. And all of it together weighed, oh, 23 HUNDRED pounds. That's 2,300 pounds. Two THOUSAND three hundred pounds.
So it turned out that we needed this:

And after a long day at work (which he is up to his eyeballs in), my husband really really loved this. (With the kids in the shopping cart after their bedtime and after realizing we forgot our insurance cards which we need to rent vehicles and having to run back home...)

So hopefully the next time I blog, it will be with pictures of my brand new little patio. (Except there's a tornado watch and a huge storm front moving in. Because why wouldn't it.)

Ahhh, good times.
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