i Heart Faces: Silhouette

I had a lot of fun with this week's theme at i Heart Faces! It was all about the silhouette and I spent hours trying to figure out how to do this and even with the tutorials I had a hard time getting it just right. I must have taken hundreds of pictures in two different rounds of pictures. So I took Poops out in his firehat after dinner and tried one last time. The only way I could get him out there to take more pictures is if he was allowed to wear his firehat and fireboots (with shorts of course). I was ok with that! So this is what we came up with. Honestly, I looked at this week's submissions and they are all just so amazing I am sure I'm not even close to even touching the competition, but I'm just happy I came up with something! Head on over to see for yourself!
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  1. What the heck are you talking about!? I think you did great! I love the extra little bit that the fireman hat lends to this and that burst of sunlight on the brim of the helmet is superb!

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  2. I did a great job with this photo. It's always the extras that add to the photos that make the photo.

    I played along too...come on over!

  3. Neat shot - love the sunburst too. I need to play more with that. Love the fireman hat as well. :)

  4. i love the backstory! hilarious!

  5. great story!
    you finally got it because this is a great silhouette.


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