My heart broke with the fall of his curls.

Who knew that a first haircut could be so emotional?

The scissors came out. Then the 6 guard razor. And my eyes welled up.

Five minutes later, a 15-year-old boy emerged before me, eating a lollipop, speaking in gibberish and waving, wanting to be taken to get his learner's permit, all in just one snip.

Sure, it may have been turning the slightest mullet-y. Sure, everyone was starting to give me business about the hair over his ears and the crazy-haired-Gene Wilder look that was beginning to develop . But those were his baby curls!

Oh, why did I listen!? Why didn't I just stick with my momtuition? My beautiful little baby and his beautiful little curls.

Because I had a moment of weakness, I tell you. A moment of "Maybe you're right..." And I caved to the pressure.

Then the scissors came out and I changed my mind. I wanted to take it all back; rip off the smock, whisk him out of the jeep-chair, and run. Never looking back.

The lady meant well. She gave the curls a trim. She listened to my directions. I had conceded to the haircut pressurers, mullet only -- leave the baby curls. But she took off just a little and I thought it looked a little silly with just half-curls remaining. And so uttered I those two silly words with my hands over my face and my eyes through my fingers.

"Keep going," I said.

And then that was too much. I had blown it. I had gone way too far and missed the point of "just right."

Now I have an 18-month old who looks all growed up and I did nothing to stop it. I just let it happen. I even asked for it. Paid for it, even.

Oh, time is running away from me and I can't do anything.

My baby's curls are gone and I want to cry.

I wasn't ready for this. There are so many inventions, can't someone figure out a way to stop time?

For even just a minute?

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  1. they'll grow back.*

    *i don't have kids so i have no clue if this is true or not.

  2. Oh he is so cute. Hey just be happy he can grow curls, take a look at my two little baldies, lol!!

  3. I feel for you - I went through the same thing with Bridger, he had the CUTEST curls. Even when he grows out his hair now at age 5, it is still not as curly.

    Wow, I bet I just made you feel better. ;o)

    Your little guy is still just adorable!

  4. OH no not the curls!!! That's the last bastion of babydom. I always hated cutting the curls. They will grow back but probably a little less curly. Sniff, they grow too fast.
    He's such a doll. Pinch those baby cheeks for me :)

  5. Oh my! I can remember back to when took Josiah for his first cut, around 11 months, in preparation for my sister's wedding.....sadly, his curls never really grew back (but then we've kept his hair short since then). I, too, took before and after pics and remember thinking how much older he looked in a matter of 15 minutes. I'm just glad that we can keep Laney's curls for a while...it's so much more acceptable to have crazy hair when you're a girl...just pull it back in a clip or piggy tails.


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