i Heart Faces: Sepia

This week at i Heart Faces, it's Sepia week! This photo screamed "sepia" to me long ago while I was playing around with pictures I took at my sister-in-law's wedding. This picture is of her nephew, or my inlaw's inlaw, if you can follow that. Either way, he's just darling!

Make sure you stop on over at iHeartFaces to check out other sepia photos this week!

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  1. It is a great one for sepia! great job :)

  2. It certainly does scream sepia. It's a great photo for sepia. He's very sweet.

  3. What a sweet pic! I don't normally veer off the path too much when it comes to playing with color..but I do love the sepia tone on this pic.

  4. This is perfection. Perfection in sepia, even.


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