iHeartFaces: Birthday & Animals

It's birthday and animals week at i Heart Faces and there is only one picture in my mind when I think about birthdays.

I loved him in his hat. This is Mini at his first birthday party and he wore this hat for about a second before he yanked it right off. I wish he'd have kept it on because he looked so darned cute. Check out more great birthday faces at iHeartFAces! Here is my "pets" entry even though that's no pet I want to have! But they did mention that they had a loose interpretation of the category of "pets". This is Poops in a faceoff with a white tiger at Busch Gardens. The tigers are my favorite. And I'm pretty sure he knew we were there.


  1. Oh, he is sooooo cute, especially in that hat. Thanks for your sweet comment. ♥

  2. Love the colors in both pictures. Great job Maverick!

  3. What a cute hat! Precious memories! Happy Birthday little one. =) (I realize it's past! lol!)


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