Final Weigh-in Wednesday!

I'm getting all sentimental now!

It's the last weigh in for this challenge but that means it's also the last weigh in with my team, Team Gold! What a great group of ladies, I had a blast getting to know all of you!

Well I finished down 3.5 total, I stayed the same for this week. I didn't reach my goal of ten pounds but I did break though the plateau, actually finish the triathlon and I can see some definition in my legs so we're definitely getting somewhere!

I learned a lot this challenge (and now I highly recommend counting calories as the former non calorie counter that I was.)

Congratulations to everyone who made headway this challenge! Team Gold rocks!

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  1. like you, i averaged about a 0.5 pound per week. congrats on the loss - and on your growth as a healthy person!

  2. You may not have had the results you were looking for, but you inspired so many people!! Great job!

  3. Congrats on your 3.5 loss!


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