iheartfaces: Feet Week

I hate feet. But believe it or not, I take about a zillion pictures of them. For someone who HATES feet, I have two pictures of feet up on my mantel. They're black and white pictures, one is of my feet, which are in flip flops, while I'm overlooking some mountains in Utah with snowcaps. It was warm where I was sitting but it was snowing as far away as I could see. The other is a picture of my babies' feet together, just their little babyfeet. Who doesn't love babyfeet. I mean, really.

So I take lots of pictures of them. I could eat babyfeet. I love them so much. Here is my baby's feet. And I know I'm supposed to be focusing on feet here, but since it is I Heart Faces and it's mostly about faces (on most weeks, anyway) I figured a little face in there wouldn't hurt.. right?

Anyhoo, I'm off to check out the other entrants this week! Hopefully I won't run across too many adult feet. Babyfeet are so much cuter! Just kidding. Kind of.

ps. Mantra Monday returns to its regularly scheduled programming next week! I'm on and off the internet this week (mostly off) because the husband is home and we're having some much needed family time! Hugs!
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  1. wow! what a unique perspective. Great work!

  2. I love baby feet too! I don't know why, but I always take photos of feet. Cute shot:-)

    I Heart Faces

  3. Such a cool shot! I love how he is peeking through his feet! Cool.

  4. Very well composed. I like this. :)

  5. lol! :P i had a bf who hated feet - so i would wear sandles and chase him as much as possible. :)

  6. love the colors of ur blog...great shot! super fun!


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