Pimp My Laundry Room

It started out as one day of Pimp My Laundry Room because of these little babies. Then it turned into two days of Pimp My Laundry Room. Then three days. Then four, which turned into Pimp My Office and Pantry, followed by Pimp My Bedroom. (Still need to Pimp My Bathrooms, Kitchen and Garage, but money ain't growin on trees up in here.)

But when you get on a streak like this, you just go with it, so that's where I've been.

Problem is, I feel like I'm always pimping my house and I'm never done. Suppose I'll always feel that way. Once one room is done you get around to all the others, and then by the time you're done, the first room looks like a hurricane hit it and/or you're no longer happy with it because whatever organizational system you've come up with miserably failed so the process starts over again. Or whatever band-aid you've put on something that really needs an expensive makeover but because of the "expensive" part, you do the best you can with what you have and after a little bit of time, that has failed and you have to put another band-aid on it. Whatever. It's all the same with home improvement. Not to mention all the "stuff", which is really like playing "musical rooms" or "room roulette." Where will the stuff end up today??? Hmmm.

I'll have the before and after pictures soon, you're not even going to believe how scary looking my laundry room once was. Oh, it was Skeevy. Blech. Now it's beautiful and the laundry practically does itself!

Well not quite.
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