A Conversation Quickie

I'm a little decommissioned and I'm on day 3 of no training. My throat is on fire and my body is all achey and I can't bring myself to move.

So there.

Of course who are we kidding, not moving is not an option, so I've been to the doctor, then of course, redeeming my Gym Bucks at Gymboree (priorities, people!), picking up prescriptions then the McDonalds Drive-Thru (why is it that not working out coincides with poor eating behavior) before finally settling into my couch for the kids' naps. (Send me long-nap-karma please because I could really use the time to sit here all day.)

This time yesterday I was in bed instead of checking in on how all the wonderful ladies did during weigh-in, so I will be around today and in the coming days, I promise.

Meantime, a conversation quickie:
Poops: Mommy, do coughs make farts?

Me: Um, no? (apparently thinking too deeply and not understanding the question.)

Poops: Mine just did!


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