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At the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans, we (as you probably know from reading my weekly weigh-ins) are participating in the Lose For Good challenge. It is never to late to join in with us, by the way and you do not have to be on Weight Watchers to do it!

Well there is more, oh yes there is! We're also running a 5k here on November 8th! If you're in my area, you wanna join me? If not, wanna join me? No, you don't have to fly to Florida, you can do a 5k in YOUR OWN area on November 8th and take lots of pictures and we can pretend we all crossed the finish line together!

See how cool that is?

You don't have to do anything except train for the 5k for the next 4 weeks, then run the 5k.

Why November 8th, Christie?

Well, because that's "World Run Day!" And how cool will it be to run on World Run Day?

So anyone want to join me in training for a 5k? Even if you don't live near me, go right now to, and find yourself a run for November 8th. Then come back here and let me know (because virtual 5ks are the way to go too!) I will be taking pictures throughout the training and sharing pictures of race day and encourage everyone who joins in to do the same!!!

But Christie, where on earth do I find a training program???

Well, you, that's easy! EA Sports is offering a special 4 week program just for you!!! It is right here: (training program.) It's a similar concept to the Couch to 5k (which I have
done -- only this one is shorter) where you build up to running the 5k straight OR you can choose the other plan, to walk/slash/run the 5k, it's up to you! You will notice on the plan that there are days marked EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, which you can do, or if you don't own it you don't have to. (I do highly recommend it, however, if you already have a Wii, these are some really fun, butt-kicking workouts and you can get it on sale on Amazon.) Should you choose not to do the EA Sports Active workouts on the off-run days, any weight-lifting or crosstraining will do. Trust me on that. If you're doing this for weightloss, you will need to add some weights in on the off days anyway. I found out the hard way that running alone wouldn't cut it.

And EA Sports will send us all tee-shirts to wear on run day!! There are groups across the country doing this, so you wanna join or what?? Because training starts Monday!

So, in sum:
1. Go sign up for a 5k in your area or map one out, or sign up for mine if you live near me.
2. Then, tell EA Sports Active that you're all signed up so they can get you one of their fancy t-shirts.
3. Then, start training on Monday (you can do it!)
4. Post pictures of training and race day. Maybe we can do a race-report throughout the week? Hmmmmm....

Get on it, people! I'm excited! Are you???
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