Just tODDler

You really gotta just love toddlerhood.

I'm going to the mall to get them haircuts at the cool place where you sit in the jet or the car (or the 1950's Mr. Miyagi-gift-to-Daniel-san convertible) and I'm walking in with a 3 year old who chose his own clothes and dressed himself (and almost even matches! But not quite.)

Also he's wearing a Batman mask.

Along with an almost two-year-old who's wearing two different shoes. Not even the right feet (they were both right feet, actually.) One open-toed sandal and one Lightning McQueen croc. But he had put his own shoes on and was already at the door and was so darn proud of himself.

Who am I to crush this creativity and independence, right?

So we looked like a circus. So what. Cracks me up. I love it.
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