UPDATE on Photo Contest!!!!! And Other Fun! (Including Prizes!)

Get out your hospital pics, mommas, we're playing some shower games!!! There are two games, actually -- one for RIGHT NOW! And then a PHOTO CONTEST that starts today but ends on Sunday (sort of) -- where YOU will be able to vote for the winner!

Boy, virtual baby showers are surprisingly fun!!! Who knew!

OK, welcome to the first game! Your first task is to look at the following picture, and list all the things you see in it and e-mail me your answers (christieo_7 at msn dot com). There are a lot of items hiding, so not everyone will get it right (I think. Or maybe you all will, who knows! Maybe I won't even get it right!)

The trick is, I'm not telling you how many items there are to find! So there!

The first one who sends me all the correct answers in an e-mail wins a necklace from my Etsy shop, Inspire Me Chic Boutique.

*Note: anything yellow duckie-related doesn't count, that's all just in there to throw you off and yes, the duck has a fro and is wearing a party hat. It's a party, why wouldn't he! This game closes quickly, at 1 a.m. Easter Time (late Thursday/early Friday.) Winner announced Friday!

So while (or after) you're finished, onto GAME NUMBER 2:

The photo contest carnival!

Get out your best, hottest, hospital or homebirth or where-ever you had you've given birth-photo and by best I actually mean worst! Not a mommy? Send in your craziest, silliest baby photo of you, your friend, your mom, your niece nephew or brother, or even better, a hospital picture of someone you know (I'm not responsible for their anger at your posting them on the internet, so make sure you get permission first!) Just to be clear: if you're a mommy, the picture should be of you. If you're not a mommy, any silly birth-related photo will do.

I will start it off right here, my own Thank you so much, dear husband, for snapping a picture of me right at that moment.

HAWT, RIGHT??? This was after the birth of my first child, who was a preemie, but since this is about making light of our birthstories and having fun (!!! )I'll tell you that literally, my child popped out 20 seconds before my husband pressed that button. My default when someone is holding up a camera at me is to smile. And that's what makes me laugh at that photo. Inside, I was doing the polar opposite of smiling, yet, when he held up that camera, my first instinct was to smile anyway! The funnier picture might've been the picture he took of himself during the early part of labor when he was trying to make me laugh, wearing the unused disposable pee pot on his head. (Maybe I'll coerce him into letting me share it.. )

Now, of course all of us mommies will think all the other mommies are beautiful after giving birth because we all are beautiful after having given birth (right?) But I may have a photo or two which does not happen to be my favorite in the world, so dig em out, let's compare and tell the story behind it! Is there one that stands out? Is your hair standing up? Is there one where you're just so googly-eyed but your husband snapped away anyway without your knowledge and you only found out about it days later while scrolling through the digital photos? Post it on your blog and tell the story, and link it up right here! Sure, there's a prize, but the best part will be visiting everyone's crazy birth photos!

Changing the rules here!! Make sure you get your photo in by NOON THURSDAY EASTERN TIME. Winner chosen by randomness on Wednesday!

UPDATE!! Originally, it was going to be a judging-contest, but honestly? I can't judge these pictures! They're all beautiful because these are true, hardcore women moments and in the spirit of making light of our funny pictures and getting to know each other, I just can't judge them! So there. No judging, but you will get a prize so join the linky.

The winner will be announced on Friday, October 30th (just in time for Halloween!) The winner will receive a "Serenity Now" spa pack that includes a loose tea ball, my favorite loose tea, essential oils and an essential oil burner among other fun surprises!

Why am I doing this again, you ask, and what on earth is this Virtual Baby Shower I speak of, you ask?

My preemie mom's group is helping to throw a baby shower for families with babies in several hospital NICUs here. We are packing 250 bags and we still need some stuff, like preemie outfits, onesies and hats, gift cards to restaurants and gas stations, unscented hand lotion and toiletries, etc. etc. (There's a comprehensive list here.) There is just over one week left before we start packing the bags and then we are actually throwing six showers soon after that. SIX!

So right here, I'm throwing a virtual baby shower, hoping that you, out there in bloggyworld, will help me by donating some items for the shower or making a donation on my sidebar right there which will allow me to pick up whatever you have in mind. *Note* You do not have to donate anything to participate in these games, this is all about the fun. Should you happen to want to donate or send something (e-mail me @ christieo_7 at msn dot com) out of the kindness of your heart, that would be wonderful.

Happy fun showerness! Link 'er up and share!!!
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