Poor Putty Tat

My poor kitty is in trouble.

She has had this bum eye ever since I've known her. She got clipped in the left eye by a groomer years before I adopted her and it's been kind of a problem ever since, getting kind of oozy and infected from time to time. I know, it's gross. But that's my girl.

Her face has so much character anyway, the bum eye just added to it. You think she's pissed off with the scowl on her face but really that's just her face. She's my little old lady.

I catsat her for two weeks when I lived in New York and yada yada yada, she just decided to stay with me.

We had bonded. I learned a lot about her in those two weeks.

Like, she eats french fries. But not straight off the floor, only if they're on a napkin.

She's dainty like that.

She's not much for the PDA. She's not a lap cat. I thought I could turn her into one and I made it my mission by deciding I would hold her every single day thinking eventually she'd grow to like it. But I'd just end up being scratched when she launched off me in her desperation to flee. So I decided not to try and change her.

She is who she is.

Sometimes she comes out from hiding and acts like she wants to be petted and allows you to pet her. And then she purrs like crazy. But it has to be on her terms. Mostly she just keeps to herself.

Sometimes I find her sitting in odd places. Like the high chair, or on top of the toilet. No rhyme or reason. It's even funnier because she doesn't wander around that much so it seems a little out of her personality range to have any curiousity whatsoever. So it makes me laugh and feel kind of like I should slip away and not disturb her when I spot her just sitting in one of those places with that look on her face that says absolutely nothing, except maybe, hey how's it going? Just gonna sit here for a while if you don't mind.

Well this morning, I woke up and started to get the kids breakfast and saw trickles of blood on the floor. I followed them around and they led to where she was sitting, in one of the dining room chairs. Turns out, the bum eye has had it. (It was actually pretty mortifying looking so I'll leave it at that.) We fled to the vet and I found out she has a thyroid problem, which causes high blood pressure, which in turn can cause a terrible eye malfunction.

So she's going through surgery tomorrow to have her eye removed. I'm going to miss that crooked, funky little eye that people would make fun of even though I would get mad.

Someone once told me she looks like she got hit in the face with a bag of nickles. I mean really, the cruelty.

My poor little girl.

She's like one of my children. My heart broke to see her all injured and bleeding, but just like one of my kids, she just sat there like nothing was wrong. She only got annoyed because I put her in the travel bag.

She's there right now at the vet's place. I hope that all her blood work comes back okay and that she can handle the surgery and the anesthesia. Because she's 15 and elderly and sometimes they can't take that. But not having the surgery would mean she'd be a mess and be in pain forever more, and we can't have that.

So send me some kitty prayers today please. If all goes well tomorrow, she should come home tomorrow afternoon and I want my little Putty home with me.

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