Sunday Randomness

I went to the Killers concert Friday night.

I had no voice, but I was going to the concert come Hell or high water. And while buying a t-shirt because I may or may not have a huge crush on the lead singer LOVE the Killers, I discovered that they were selling toothbrushes. I had to wipe my eyes, like in the cartoons. Where they make that squeaky sound.

Official Killers Toothbrushes. For $10.

Besides being able to whiten my chompers with an official toothbrush with one of my favorite band's name on it, I couldn't really think of why the Killers chose that particular item to have on sale along with their t-shirts.

I'd have loved to be in that planning meeting.

CD cases, key chains, pens, nope! Toothbrushes... Yes!!!!

Because that's the natural progression. Right?

Anyhoo, because my husband called it the biggest waste of $10 he'd ever seen and threatened to disown me if I had made that purchase, even though I strongly believe that the mere existence of a Killers toothbrush was reason enough to purchase a Killers toothbrush (we are from two very different schools of thought), I just went ahead with the t-shirt. And promptly put it over the shirt I was already wearing. Because I'm cool like that.

Other randomness is as follows.

One of my nasal spray's side effects: weight gain. Nasal spray causing weight gain. Now that's a new one. NOW I know why I got the Reuben at Beef's before the concert. Oh. You mean the nasal spray isn't responsible for that one?

Furthermore, I am 6 workouts behind in my training for the tri on the 24th. SIX! OK, well technically I would have taken two days as off-days, but still that's 4. 4 days of completely leveled, no voice sickness, and now even though I still have some head-thing going on, I am going to attempt a run this afternoon to get back in the saddle.

I have read, and I've also heard the same from my doctor, the rule of thumb: you can train if the cold goes from the neck up. From the neck down (chest and whatnot), it could be trouble and your body needs some rest. I am not a doctor, this is only what I've heard. Now, full-body-aches and whatnot, I do believe your body is telling you to sit your arse on the couch. Like I have.

And ps. I have not missed this many days of training in, oh, I am pretty sure it's been about 6 months. I can't believe I'm even saying that, that I have even been that consistent for that long, but it is true. That's the beauty of having back-to-back-to-back race-day goals and why from now on for the rest of my life, I will have a race-day to train for, whether it's a 5k or a Turkey Trot or whatever. Ultimate accountability.

My husband will read this thinking, great. So that's thismuch plus thismuch plus thismuch, in race registrations. Just great. Can you tell who the account person is in this relationship?

Of course, I'll counter with, well I could go and get fat again if you like and then we can pay more for pre-diabetes and cholesterol medicines, and double bypass surgery for my clogged arteries, either way you wanna do it is fine with me!

Oh I'm kidding. Sort of.

My husband let me sleep in until 9 today. It was so luxurious. It was like Christmas.

That is all. How was your weekend?
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