Things in My Head Today

-I saw one lone ant in my bathroom this morning. Was it truly just one? Or is there an army somewhere?
-I have written a song about toothbrushing. On the fly, of course, because that's how MomBrain works.
-Speaking of songs, if you chant, "Keep the water in the tub! Keep the water in the tub!" eventually you'll start dancing and singing it to the tune of the thrasher song "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor!"
-I don't feel I'm ready and/or organized for my day today and I have to be out the door in 20 minutes.
-I am the only stay-at-home-mom on my softball team. That made me laugh this morning for no reason whatsoever.
-The minivan is trashed inside.
-Have you seen the Virtual Baby Shower going on here? Click the button right above this post! NICU mommies need us! I'm planning a shower game for the blog on Thursday so come back here Thursday. Don't forget.
-My three-year-old is asking for carrots right now because he "can't see better right now". Um, okay! Carrots it is!
-Which reminds me, in an effort to coerce him into eating chicken a couple weeks ago, in sheer desperation I told him it was Candy Chicken. He totally ate it. Is that wrong?
-I'm not scared about Saturday. Turns out the great thing about tackling your fears (like open water murk-swimming) is that all of a sudden, the fears get much smaller.
-It is very likely I will be a "party of one" at the tri on Saturday. Poops has soccer and my husband's the assistant coach. I'll have to bring a camera and take lots of pictures of myself!

-OK, now I have 15 minutes left to get the two kids and myself ready, make a lunch and get out the door. What's in your head today? It's Tuesday but it feels like Monday again. Why is that?
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