I've Packed Way Too Much

Well, I'm off to Fitbloggin '10!

I'm at the airport and I've packed way too much. But there were things I just couldn't part with.

For instance, there are the workout clothes, and when you work out (as I am planning on as of this writing and I am planning on it A LOT but we'll see how that all shakes out, I mean, as a sidebar, I am arriving first today and can actually spend 6 hours in the gym if I want to today and I have strategically dress comfortably in workout clothes so there really is no excuse to not drop off my bags and go straight to the gym and do not pass Go and do not collect $200. And to be honest, since I always have these childcare windows to work out in, that is sounding pretty luxurious at this point...)

Anyway. There are the workout clothes and the shoes. And when you work out, sometimes there are multiple daily showers, so that would mean multiple daily outifits. Not to mention having no idea whatsoever what everyone else  is going to wear and then there are cocktail receptions although they're being called "casual", but what does that really mean? It means black pants. (Just in case.) So there are jeans and black pants and a multitude of shirts for any occasion that might pop up, like for instance a tragic spill of ketchup down the shirt. Or a hurricane. Or a blizzard. What if it's actually hot? Well then, I'll need a tank top. And shorts.

And a hat. Just in case.

Pajamas, which I always forget. And what if I sweat too much at night for some reason because there are five girls in our room? Then I need to bring more pajamas of course!

So my luggage is obese. It does not blog about fitness. It doesn't even know about fitness. But that's ok, because I like my luggage just the way she is, even if I won't wear half the stuff in it.

I have become proud of the fact that I have mostly become less high-maintenance, you could maybe call it "Lower Maintence" because it's not quite "Low Maintenance" but I have learned to pack minimally for most trips, when I know what to expect. However, this is a case where there are a million possible scenarios which require an outfit for each one of them and really I was just lost with an inability to make choices. 

So. That's my bag situation. I also have an obese electronics bag (video camera, Nikon and laptop...) but that's another story.

We will be blogging from the conference (there is FREE WIRELESS!), both here and over at The Sisterhood of theShrinking Jeans! I'm about to take off, have a wonderful day!!

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  1. I am not a good packer either! Have fun with all the girls....wish I could be there!

  2. Have a great trip! I too tend to over-pack. And the exercise clothes definitely do take up space (and I need them and pack them). And then it's like I want to take everything I think I might want, because I don't want to regret not bringing it and think... "I wish I would have brought that one black top."

    Anywho... have fun at the conference!

  3. have fun! :) you sound like me when it comes to packing :P

  4. Wow, Christie, I didn't know you were going to FitBloggin'! There's reason #52,524 that I'm bummed to not be there. *sniff*! Hope you have a terrific time!!! Drink a Pomtini for us!

  5. Hi, Follow from FFF, here is my blog or

  6. Sounds know, minus hauling around the obese luggage and the 6 hours in the gym... :)

    You are a superwoman.

    I have a hard time packing as well. You just never know. You have to be prepared. :)


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