Tutu or Tattoo? We have a WINNER!


The official winner at 5 P.M. EDT (on my stove) is: WEARING A TUTU!

I will be wearing a tutu during the half-marathon in June with Team Shrinking Jeans! The voting was hilarious. There were almost 2,000 votes total! Someone (or a few of you) sure were voting a lot! It was very unofficial and I did let people vote as much as they wanted, so it was hilarious to watch the tutu and the tattoo people pass each other for hours today. But at the last minute, the tutu people rallied and pulled ahead, 1021 votes to 608! Someone's still voting (thank you! that's the spirit!) but I've closed the vote, so those votes won't count. That was really, really fun to watch, thought, and I really had no idea there were people that adamant about my getting a tattoo or wearing a tutu. Honestly, I thought purple hair would win, but that wasn't even in the running! Thanks for voting! Now all I have to do is raise the rest of the money and I promise to follow through! You can help me reach my goal here!!

* * *

Wow, I am shocked at the life this voting has taken all on its own! It's been funny to watch! (If you don't know what I'm talking about, see that little poll on the top left corner of my page). TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO VOTE! VOTING CLOSES AT THE END OF BUSINESS TODAY, 5PM EDT!!

Whatever my fate will become will be up to you. That is, if I raise the $3,000 I have set out to raise. So far, I am nearly halfway there, all because of so many of you! If you have been thinking about supporting me but haven't yet, please feel free! You will get a present for giving (a gift for giving!) If you have been thinking about supporting my team, but haven't yet, feel free to do that too, here and while you're at it, look at the huge massive prize list you'll be eligible for.

In other  news, early in the morning tomorrow, I am headed to Fitbloggin' 10 in Baltimore!!!

And I'm going to be meeting lots of the faces behind the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for the very first time in real life, I'm so excited!!!! It's going to be a blast! Thankfully, there is a  pool a the hotel, a gym and there will be a 5k on Saturday morning sponsored by New Balance! All right up my alley and I won't miss a workout.

So anyway, you better get to voting, it's all done tonight! I'll announce it shortly after 5pm EDT! Oh yea. And that whole "unplugging" thing? Yeah. Not so much. HA! Guess I like talking to you all too much! :P

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  1. i'm working on it. unfortunately i won't be around my computer this afternoon to see if i've won. i mean if what i'm voting for won :P

  2. I'm sad I won't meet you this weekend. Boo! :(

  3. Crap! I really wanted you to get a tattoo!!!

  4. Love your blog and the colors are adding you to my sidebar....


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