Well I Don't Know About You, But Right Now I am All Social Media'd Out

So how much social media is too much social media? How much social media-ing do you do? Where do you draw the line? When do you call it quits?

Do you think blogging, two message boards, two e-mail addresses, Facebook and Twitter is too much? And then texting? And Blackberry Instant Messaging on top of that?

Can I call a 'social media counselor' and have them consolidate all my social medias?

There are probably other forms of social media I'm forgetting but my brain hurts. (I remember when I refused to carry my cell phone at all. Around the time I walked to school in the snow for 7 miles in bare feet...)

I can't necessarily bash social media, I mean, I am a part of it and it has its advantages and you connect with people on all sorts of levels. Plus, it is sort of fun and all...

But, it can get overwhelming, can't it?

Even now, writing this post, I get distracted and hit refresh on all the other windows that are open to check those and then get sidetracked doing something entirely different and 9:30 turns into 10:30 and I had perfectly good plans of being in bed by 10.

So I'm going to try and unplug on Tuesday for as long as I can and see what happens. I want to see if I can control myself. (Will I go through withdrawal? Will I get the shakes? Will my fingers start magically air-typing all on their own because they, too, are obsessed? Will I be able to turn my brain off from wondering if someone responded to my email or if I got a TNT donation or if I got any comments?) Maybe while I'm at it, I'll establish special off-hours for my social media-ing. So I can free my mind a little and stop obsessively hitting 'refresh'. Maybe I should go to a support group, like SMAA (Social Media Addicts Anonymous). Which hopefully does not use social media to keep in touch when they're away from each other because I don't think I can handle another message board. Social media is a tough place for someone with an obsessive personality like me.

So I'll report back on my progress. You know. When I plug in again and 9:30 turns to 10:30 which turns to 11:30 and before I know it it's 1 in the morning.

Have a great day! Feel free to leave me a little SMA (Social Media Advice.)

* * *
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  1. I like your idea of having "off-hours", I can completely relate to getting sidetracked to refresh the other tabs I have open in Firefox. Even when I open Firefox first thing I have several tabs pop open as my home page of things I have to check first thing in the morning.

  2. I don't have a problem ignoring social media when I don't feel like being a social butterfly. I'm sure that's the reason I don't have 6,000 followers. ;)

  3. i find it addicting, even blogging. i keep checking my email for new comments!

  4. I, too, get way too "plugged in". I was doing a natural product demo at a store yesterday and found myself getting bored really quickly, when in reality there were people to watch, thoughts to think, products to look at. I've gotten so accustomed to clicking between three screens - gmail, FB, and whatever I'm writing. I need to SLOOOOW down.
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  5. It can be overwhelming! Especially after being away for a week and seeing everything you missed: trying to catch up isn't easy. I just have my blog and facebook (and then of course I ahve life in general with all its demands).

    Good luck finding peace in the social media world and in life in general... it's not easy!

  6. Me, too! I'm only a fairly recent convert to Twitter, and have yet to succumb to the lure of Facebook. But sometimes I worry I might be the only person left NOT on Facebook.

    SJ is the only real group I participate in. Anywhere else I'm more of a lurker.

    Generally speaking, I don't sign on at all in the AM (unless the toddler is up at 4AM, and then, well, I think I can be forgiven). I reserve my time for the evenings. Of course, my situation is a little different, a little easier to manage. Most of MY day, you all are snoring away! It's only in the evenings that there's anyone answering!

  7. DUDE. What's your PIN for Blackberry?! ;oP

  8. You're so cute. How'd it go withdrawing yourself from all that is online? I did this the weekend I went to NYC and it was awesome. Yes, I had my Blackberry but I did very little online. I wonder what I missed but it couldn't have been that earth shattering or I'd know, right? :)

  9. It is so easy to get sucked in. I have done good this week in the evenings not logging in for as long, but its tough...so much stuff to keep up with!


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