The Monday Project: Incorporating Healthiness

The Monday Project

Well, we've done a lot of things different this past week in our house. And it all started with this:
I made a "birthday cake" for my son out of Jell-O Jigglers.

And it was a hit!

I just put some foil down on a platter, used cookie cutters for the Jell-O, sprayed light whipped cream around the edges, and voila! Perfect for family of four! Now, if it's a party situation, you might have to spell out a narrative or something, but what we did was perfect for our intimate little gathering of just us. And just so you know, a candle does sit in a pile of whipped cream ok, but you gotta be quick about it!
I did this because we had a birthday cake for him at his bigboy party the day before and honestly, we did not need any more cake in our lives. And might I say, I could actually get used to the Jell-O Jiggler substitution, they loved it (almost) more than they loved the birthday cake!

After Monday's Jell-O celebration, we moved on to lots of veggies on the side, zero fast-food and healthy snacks, more water and milk, less juice. We are also moving toward a more zenful house entirely, less Star Wars (a whole 'nother post entirely!), less tv in general, more games, reading, projects and together time and a little more unplugging on behalf of Mommy.

What did you do?? Link up over at the Sisterhood with last week's Monday Project! And ps. I shared one of the healthy recipes I made last week, Confetti Couscous, it's delish! Go check it out!

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