Baby Tea Leaves Under Construction

Have you ever thought that over the years, you've changed but your blog hasn't? That maybe your blog doesn't match where you are in life? What do you do? I've spent so many hours trying to figure it out. Do I stay with Baby Tea Leaves? Or do I match it up with where I am right now? Because my blog started out as primarily a mommy and family blog, but it's changed so much from where it was when I first started it, right after baby #2. And now that he's 2 1/2 and my oldest is 4, things just seem so much different now! And I want to blog about it! So, I've made a decision (finally.)

Baby Tea Leaves has been such a big part of my life for a few years now and I have loved it so much. But now I'm going to head off into a new direction. So, Baby Tea Leaves is currently undergoing a massive makeover and there are big, big changes to come and I'm excited! So please stay with me here don't go away! Get ready to bookmark an entirely new url!

It'll be soon! Oh, and with the new blog, the return of Mantra Monday! Thank you, dear e-mailers for asking about it! But for now, stay here and follow me on Twitter (www.twitter.com/christieo) where I'll leave lots of construction updates! DON'T GO ANYWHERE!! (Please?)

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