Greetings from San Diego, Home of Free WiFi


I'm at the airport right now, having just said goodbye to Team Shrinking Jeans after our long-awaited 1/2 marathon in San Diego. I hate goodbyes. So.MUCH.

It's so weird that it's all over. There was more than 5 months of running and hundreds of miles. Injuries and all of the blood, sweat and tears. Millions of e-mails and pictures and posts. Hours of training and worrying and excitement. And it all culminated into yesterday.

Today we all woke up and it was over. The crowds of thousands of Team In Training runners that filled the hotel lobby have all dissipated, as if into thin air. What was left of our 14 person team (painfuly) walked to breakfast. We quietly sat and ate breakfast and drank our victory mimosas. We went back to the hotel and I packed up and said goodbye. Almost anti-climactic.

Hard to believe it's all done.

It's like the saying goes, The hard part is getting to the starting line. Or something like that.

The easy part was finishing.

Well it wasn't really that easy. The race report to come, along with the full weekend recap and of course, "how to make a race day tutu." Hope you had a mahvelous weekend! Thanks to everyone for all the great wishes and who followed our whole journey and supported us on Twitter during the race!!

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