To My Favorite Pushovers in the World: I LOVE you.

Maybe "pushover" is the wrong word. All I know is that the main men in my life will do anything for the people they love. Anything. Including (but not limited to) the following:

  • (Dad)Renting a ridiculously expensive red convertible mustang for 5 people, including my 70-something-year-old-grandmother, and all of their luggage, just because his teenager begged and pleaded. (We took the convertible down once and only once and it was in the middle of Scaryville.)
  • (Husband)Getting up before his wife, making her coffee and getting all her tri-gear out the door and into the car before she is even dressed because he knows she's dead to the world before 7 a.m. Love.
  • (Husband)Letting the kids stay up for "just one more Caillou".
  • (Husband)Still cleaning out the litter box without any complaints almost 3 years post-pregnancy.
  • (Both)Willing to run out and procure whatever food and beverage requested and/or craved at almost any time of the night or day.
  • (Both)Lawn service and/or handyman.
  • (Both)Diapers.
  • (Both)Spider-killers
  • (Both) Leap tall buildings in a single bound.
  • (Both)Support (and sometimes even partake in!) crazy wife habits and/or current and/or past obsessions, including dressing up for Halloween as Bacon one year (I was an egg - I was pregnant) and Harry Potter (I was a fat Hermione, post-pregnancy. We carried heavy books to a bar.) And wearing tights.
  • (Both)The long shift in driving.
  • (Both) Succumb to and subsequently crumple at the sight of a pouty lip and/or pouty eyes and tears.
  • (Both) A million zillion thoughtfulnesses that often go unspoken but never go unnoticed. I promise.
Happy Father's Day to my favorite mens in the world!

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