Doesn't Take Much to Fill Up a Sick Day

Captain's Log 2190: Another Sick Day

So far, we've:

  • Watched 453 episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Done the Hot Dog dance 453 times.
  • Played "Toy Story 3" 223 times on the Leapster
  • Painted a piggy bank
  • Took turns playing rock band with the Elmo guitar
  • Watched Phineas and Ferb 329 times
  • Went bug hunting inside the house *gag*. We came up with 1 dead Palmetto Bug in the sliding door track, 1 random bug shell under the coffee table *gag gag* and a cocoon in a quilt  (really? What the hell is this. Seriously. Was a moth trying to eat the blanket but found out it was too big a job, decided he was tired, made himself a cocoon and went for a nap? And by the way, this makes me hate rainy season because we're always a little more buggy this time a year.But I suppose it's entertaining for two little boys who love bugs.)
  • Played around with my NEW BLOG which is almost done (YEEEEHAWWWW!) And that was just me, actually. While they were watching one of the 600 episodes of Mickey Mouse or Phineas and Ferb of course.
  • Downloaded 2 new apps for my Blackberry
  • taken temperatures 12,984,287 times
  • had one minor freakout when the fever got a little high.
  • ate tacos.
  • played with more toys from the roadtrip that should be happening right now but isn't.
And it's only 1 o'clock.

Oh what the rest of the day shall hold.
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